Sunday, 28 April 2013

April Giveaway: Travelling Treasures


A few months back, I was the winner of Melody's monthly giveaway called "Tuesday Treasures".

Dear Melody sent me a pattern for a needlecase, a fat quarter, a doily,  and some pretty cream coloured linen. Yeah! Some fun mail!!  After I made the needlecase, the idea to share the pattern came to me and this is how
Travelling Treasures came to be. 

Most of my mail is NO fun at all, so I thought it would be nice to send the pattern on  to  a stitcher along  with another pattern and a fat quarter and a little goody too (some cream lace, in this case).  I love to get a squishy parcel every now and then to cancel out the regular icky mail.  I had a chat with Melody via email before proceeding  and she was ok with my idea and has been really supportive ever since!

This swap is a little different because you don't have to make anything to send to a partner.  It is budget friendly and  you can read more about it HERE.   My hope is that we can keep Travelling Treasures going as a once a month giveaway.  If you haven't entered  yet, please pop over to the link I just posted and leave a comment for Melody.  It really is that easy!  I believe Melody will be choosing
the next person on Monday, so you still have one more day to enter. Please tell a friend too. Melody is happy to post anywhere.   Have fun and good luck!
xx debbie

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Adventures with the girl

Friday morning, I had to take the girl to a vet appointment.  I was nervous about getting her in the car by myself.  My home has 7 stairs leading up to the front door and I  have to close the main door and a screen door when I leave.  This was my first time leaving the house with her and getting her into the car.  I was hoping she would listen to me well because she is so  healthy and very strong.

She waited patiently for me on the steps as I closed both doors.  She went in the car with no drama and she rode quietly to the vet.
Once we got to the vet, she was a naughty girl!  She was very excited with my trainer and the vet too and never did calm down.  She had a full health exam because she is going to her new forever home next week. Now  I have to give her a tablet and put 1ml of medicine in each ear once a day for a double ear infection.  The tablet is easy, the ears will be a challenge though! 
About half an hour ago,  I let her out in the back yard.  She just met the cat next door for the first time.  There was lots of barking and weird, creepy cat noises.  They were nose to nose at a chain fence. 
This just might be our main excitement all day!   I couldn't help but have a good giggle at their meeting.   It's now Saturday morning...she is getting picked up 6am on Tuesday.  I plan to enjoy this lovely girl every single minute that we have left together. 
These two pictures are fresh from the camera after meeting the cat.  Hope you have a good weekend. xx debbie

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's a GIRL!!

She has a shiny black coat, four legs, and a cute tail. She weights 28kg, and that is almost 62 pounds.

She has the most amazing manners at feeding time. Good girl!  She is housetrained and very calm.

Our first night went well.  She slept in her bed and she only snored a tiny bit.

She is calm and easy to look after.  She follows me everywhere though!

She is on a strict diet, but she is allowed a treat.  She came with her own jar of peanut butter that I can dip her Nylabone into.  She loves it!

She will be with me for one week, and then she will go to her new home.  I am a very happy girl.

A conversation I overheard this morning:

 My street has lots of school traffic twice a day.  Two girls were going by as I went to my car for something. They looked around age 10-12 years. One girls says to the other "You know yesterday  when  you said you had asthma in your armpits?, did you mean eczema"?!    Second girl replies "Yes, I meant to say eczema, not asthma".

xx debbie

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Travelling Treasures

I  am happy to see that the first Travelling Treasures has arrived safely at Melody's home.  It is really easy to play along.  Your parcel will include two patterns, one fat quarter, and another small treasure or two.  Keep any of the items you want, replace what you keep, then pass the parcel on.

Melody has chosen what she would like to keep and added in some gorgeous goodies to send on.
You can visit her blog and enter her new giveaway here.    Please tell a friend so they can pop over and enter the giveaway too.  It is always fun to get a squishy little parcel in the mail! xx debbie

Friday, 19 April 2013

Human Training

This morning I went to the special place for my human training.  I was given a fat folder with the answers to  pretty much any question a girl could think of .  I have lots of reading to do.   I need to learn all the commands and also how to feed and toilet, first aid, how to manage sleeping, treats, and being in public, etc...

I met a sweet guy.  He is a Black Lab and he is used for public relations events.   I learned how to walk him on a leash and he followed each command given perfectly.

I was given an official card to carry in my wallet to make it "legal" for me to take the dog in public.

I don't have a definite  "due date" just yet, but my new friend said it will be very soon.  So, I am happy to say  I am expecting! .... :)  xx Debbie

PS:  Is tonight a stitchalong night?  Back when I was a lurker and not yet a blogger, I always thought EVERY Friday night was a stitchalong night.  I still do :)  I haven't found any sign ups for tonight, but I will be stitching anyway so feel free to join me if you like.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Very Happy Heart Here

I've done a few posts in the past referring to my desire to volunteer for a worthy charity that trains dogs.  I am in early (unplanned)  retirement myself and although I  have several friends that visit me regularly,  I do still get very  lonely at times.  I have researched adopting a dog from a local shelter, but I really cannot afford the $200-300 or more adoption  fee they request to be  paid  for desexing , microchipping, etc.   I would also be responsible for future  vet bills, which could possibly be thousands....anyway....

I have now had two home inspections and two home interviews for the  charity I wish to help out.  It turns out that my medical issues and financial issues do not make me unsuitable after all.

What I do have going for me is a lifelong love of dogs, a yard with secure fences and gates, and plenty of time at home.  In fact, the second interviewer said "you are perfect". 

I  have NEVER thought of myself as perfect LOL, but this could be a nice situation for me.  I would have a companion, maybe for a weekend, maybe for a few months, and all expenses are already paid.  I just need to provide a safe and loving home while the dog is in training.

 I have had to sign confidentiality statements since my last posts, and I am fine with that.  It is still ok for me to blog in more general terms though.  I have an appointment  for my "people" training this coming Friday morning and after that, who knows?  I don't know  yet if I need more training after that.  These dogs cost $30,000  EACH from birth to completing their training at the age of two,  so it is important for their human contact to be consistent.  When I go to my human training, I will learn some verbal commands,  the rules for feeding and treats,  about sleeping arrangements, etc.

 My second interviewer said she will keep me busy.  I don't know yet how soon I will get a dog after my training session but will keep you posted. 

I think being able to help out in this way will be just awesome for me.  The only downside is that I cannot get too attached to any one dog, but I think if there is a regular supply, I  just  might be ok!   xx debbie

Monday, 15 April 2013

Sew Inspired!

Yesterday the Brisbane area bloggers met up at Garden City. Maree found a fantastic venue for us to spend the day. There were 12 ladies  and a lot of fun show and tell and stitching happened.   I am happy to show that I finished my WISP by Bareroots at last!

                                             I found the perfect place to hang it up.

I knew I would finish sewing the binding at the bloggy meeting, so I took along  new project to start.

This is one of the projects from "Let's Get Stitched" in Adelaide by sweet Vicki of Pickledish Patch.  She is working on the other days of the week.   Here is "Monday is Washing Day".

Marilyn  has already finished hers and has a nice picture on her blog.  It's prettier in person!!

Susan brought her  finished Sew Laugh Love stitchery. It is absolutely gorgeous...have a look over at her place.

Maree brought a large bag of scraps that she no longer wanted.   What was left came home with me.

 There are some gorgeous fabrics in there.  I am so lucky!!

Last week when I made the "whole fat quarter" larger size fabric box to put my precuts in, I found a jelly roll I had sort of forgotten about.  This particular one had 35   2.5 " strips.  First, I cut each strip in half,  then sewed all the strips in pairs.  No two pairs are alike though. 

It is a blue and brown jelly roll made up by a quilt shop, so not any one fabric  collection.

They are all still in pairs.  Next, I will cut them all to 5" squares.  Loving the colours!

I also chose some fabric pairs for another project.  These are all first quality quilting fabric, just not my first choice of colours to keep for myself .

My iron got quite a workout today with all those strips and f/q's!   I am feeling  Sew Inspired!  from that lovely day.   xx debbie

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Travelling Treasures

         Today is the day, the first Travelling Treasures has been posted to dear Melody.   I hope you will find something you like in the parcel.   :)

Today was one of those multiple errand kind of days.  The first time I drove past the Post Office, there were no parking spaces available, so I kept going.    The Library visit went well.  There was a certain book I wanted and the guy was super nice helping me to "order" it.  No idea how long it will take, since the libraries here allow check out for 28 days and another 28 days renewal.

 Next, a major grocery store.  This one has two lanes, maybe 75 metres long, side by side, one to go in and one out, with a concrete island divider.  As I am going out, here comes a car straight at me, as in  *head-on collision*.  There isn't much room to move over and let the car pass, but we both managed with no damage.   Why am I telling you this?    Because out of the 30+ years I have been driving, only 6 of those years have been "driving on the left".    I do ok "out on the road", but I still pay close attention when entering and leaving carparks that I am on the correct side, because it still isn't automatic for me.    Anyway, it was a little old lady and I could see her mouthing "SORRY".
Phew!!!   She was going the wrong way, poor dear.  I was relieved because of course, I thought it was ME lol.   Maybe I should consider one of these:

Last stop, past the post office again.  I ask the (eternally grumpy)  lady for the envelope I want and she starts rattling on about it how it must fit thru her slot, it can only have this or that, and it can't weigh over 500gms, the moon must be full, the tide must be high, and the planets must be aligned before I can use that envelope--- blah, blah, blah.  Ok lady, if my stuff fits in there, I am putting in that box out the front. Thanks!   She always seems to be lecturing me LOL.  I sure live on the edge of the law sometimes :)

This got me wondering, does anyone know how much a fat quarter weighs in grams?  I put in a fq, two patterns, a card, a notebook,  and something else.  I don't know how many grams it ended up being  but it all fit in that envelope.  

I am home safe, in for the day, and looking forward to Sunday, it will be another Brissie area stitchy bloggy meet up.  Always fun.  xx debbie

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OPAM and other updates

I am late posting my OPAM pictures for March.  I worked on several things, but only completely finished 3.  Here they are:


This is a project bag I made for De's Birthday.  I love this pattern, such a nice size for a stitchery project! I found the teddy fabric when De and I went to Tassie in 2012, so it is special to me.  I added two pockets inside, because a girl can't have too many pockets...

Back in January, I was the winner on Melody's blog for her giveaway called Tuesday Treasures.
Melody sent a pattern, fabric, linen, wool,  and a doily.  The pattern is called Miss Melly's Sewing Pocket.
I made the sweet little needlecase.  Here is the front.

Left to right, scissor pocket, wool for needles, and large pocket perfect for apple cores or hexies.

This isn't on the pattern, but I added two pockets under the wool, perfect size for dmc.
Thank you Melody, this pattern was a pleasure to make.  Love the gorgeous fabrics you sent.
I see my big pocket is a little wonky...oh well.  It looks better in person LOL.

A few years back, I found this tutorial for how to make a fabric box here
I've made a few in the past, but I was wondering what size it would turn out to be if I used a whole  fat quarter instead of cutting it down to the measurements given. 
I also wanted a place to store my charm packs, jelly rolls, and other pre cuts that was more space effective than wicker baskets. The fabric is pale pink cabbage roses and matching dots for binding.
I machine quilted this fat quarter as though it were a mini quilt, sewed the sides and boxed it in the usual way, and adding binding to the top. I didn't do a separate lining because the quilting shows through in top visible parts and no one is going to see the bottom innards anyway because it is full! I used one f/q, layered with batting, and muslin for the backing which in this case is also the lining.

On my last post, I asked advice about my Bareroots stitchery , should it be a pillow (as on the pattern), or a wall hanging.  Thanks for all the replies, and it will be a  wallhanging.

I needed to stitch the  windows, door, bees, and all those French Knots. Stitching is done now.  MKR= stitching time :)   Someday I will have a nicer camera that shows the colours better!

I have chosen the lacey fabric for the borders and the stripe for the binding.   Won't be long now!
How is your stitching going?  xx debbie

Saturday, 6 April 2013


It was a bit chilly here last night, perfect for curling up under a quilt and doing some stitching on a WISP. 

I don't have much left to do.  I was always planning to make it a cushion, but lately I  have
been thinking maybe a wall hanging instead.  Please offer your opinion either way....I just can't decide now haha!!  This pattern is called "#78 Heaven and Nature Pillow" and is by  Bareroots. I did Google it but with minimal luck, so I think it may be out of print now.

I like the soft colours in this stitchery.  I have a cream and  celery green small check bit of fabric in my stash  that I think would make a perfect border OR  ruffle, depending on whether it ends up a cushion or wall hanging.  My home has 3 "themes", although they are all just minimal bits here and there, nothing too in your face.
I have seaside stuff (my little home is near the sea), Raggedy Ann, and Angels.  Eccentric, that's me!!

Here is the original pattern, which I love.  I personally find the outer border to be very pretty, but  a bit too "busy" along with the rest of the stitchery for my personal  taste, so I plan to skip that part.  So....please leave me a comment...should it be a wallhanging or a cushion?  I have equal room for both.  Thanks! xx debbie

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Hi, it's that time again....Pop over to Cheryll's   to join in the fun.  I am bringing brownies that I will freshly bake in the morning.

Not much stitching happened here this week so I am really looking forward to a night of stitching with friends.  Not sure what I will do yet... I have some WISP's that I could attend to or of course, I could always just start something new LOL!!
I really like this picture. Isn't it sweet?  Love the tiny cup of tea. Used with permission from Connie.
Connie is happy to share any pictures she posts and she posts a LOT of them!  She loves all things pink, sweet, ruffles, flowers,  and lace.  Serious eye candy if you are a girly girl :)
xx Debbie
PS, Congratulations to  Melody  .  She was the first ever winner of Travelling Treasures. I am preparing her goodies to post early next week. This was so much fun for me,  I am already thinking of plans for  another giveaway.
Well done, Melody. 

Travelling Treasures Winner!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog to play along.   I hope this will be ongoing every month so that more of us can get some fun squishy mail.

Several ladies sent me email this week saying they like the idea very much.  Thanks, you have made my week a little more interesting than it would have been.

Several ladies also did a blog post to mention Travelling Treasures. Thank you for helping to get the word out!

This is my first giveaway but I have enjoyed it so much,  I will try to think of something else soon.
I've even found a few more new to me blogs to check out.  There is so much inspiration out there.

Now, for the dog names and the winner: 

My sweet little dachshund was named Gretchen.

My heeler/collie rescue dog was named Lacey.

My beagle/mix rescue dog was named Greta.  She lived for 13 years and brought me infinite joy.

I offer sincere congratulations to dear  Melody for her correct guess of Greta.
Please email me your address and I will pop some goodies in the post for you early next week.

Thanks again to everyone who played along. It has really been a fun week for me!
xx debbie

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Travelling Treasures Clues

There have been some fantastic names offered in my first giveaway, but no winner yet.

Here is your first clue:  An old star .

You can still guess  3 names every day until there is a winner. 

If you are new to Travelling Treasures, here is the plan:

My first giveaway will be to whomever guesses the name of  ONE of my 3 much loved dogs.
They were a  dachshund, a beagle mix, and a heeler/shepherd mix.  All were female.

I will send 2 patterns,  a notebook, and a fat quarter.  You may keep one or both patterns.

 When it is time for  Tuesday Treasures over at Melody's blog, then it will be time to send Travelling Treasures on as well.    Send two patterns, write in the notebook, and include a fat quarter to get started.

 My hope is that this will be an inexpensive way for someone to get a nice squishy package in the mail and brighten her day.

It will be fun to see where the patterns go and how much they are switched out.
Good luck! xx debbie

Update:   The winner is MELODY.  Thank you to all those who played along.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Travelling Treasures Update

Thank you everyone that has been playing along.  It has been very fun for me to see all the names, so interesting too!  No one has guessed  any of my  past pets names yet though.

I need to do the giveaway in around  one week to keep on time with Tuesday Treasures.  So, I have consulted with a very wise soul and asked :
 Should I give any hints?    Do you think it is too hard?
She strongly assured me... NO and NO....and said it's FUN,  keep going for now.

So, here is the update:   You may guess 3 names per day every day until there is a winner.  If you already guessed, it doesn't matter.  Every day is a fresh chance.  Good Luck :))
xx debbie