Monday, 22 September 2014

Applique Therapy Day

Hi everyone,

Today I stayed home! Starting a week ago Sunday, this has been the busiest week I have had in years.

I finished this little bunting mini quilt a few weeks ago, but it just needed something...the idea finally came to me to add the bird and now I am happy that it is complete. I added a little gold stitched beak too.

Here is the other one with a butterfly added. I had forgotten how much I enjoy needle turn applique.  These are wrapped up now and ready to be posted tomorrow.

Last Sunday, I went to the Stitcher's Dream Day Out in Toowoomba. There are heaps of pictures on other blogs of the projects of the day.  My favourite part of the day was meeting Libby Richardson and learning how to paint the teddy. I also bought a couple of teddy patterns that I am looking forward to using soon. 

On Wednesday, I became an Australian Citizen. The ceremony was joyful, with live music and singing along.  Special thanks to Maria for knitting my pretty scarf.

My group of 10 guests was seated with me in the front row.  It was quite warm in there with so many people, so it was nice to be in the front :)  We were also gifted with a native plant (in the shopping bag).  There were snacks after and several people were asking me about my accent?!

Umm...not sure what was happening here, but it was fun anyway!! This is my dear friend Shane.

I also went to the High Tea and Quilt shop hopping the next day with most of the Sunday Stitchers group.  I also went to bed very early that night as the week was starting to catch up with me!

The young mum that I did all the sewing for last month has hired me to make two more quilts.  I met with her on Friday to collect the fabric for the first quilt and to turn in these squares I cut for the second quilt.  She will arrange them how she likes them and return them to me with a photo "map".
The second and fourth fabrics are both solid blues, not patterned as they appear.  (All fabrics chosen by "J"). She has even given me a different striped fabric for binding and a blue for the backing too.

Saturday was spent finishing up my row that was due for Sunday Stitchers.  I will show that later, along with a few others.  Yesterday was the big reveal, so we were able to see what others made for us at last! I am very happy with mine and I will show pictures later. We still need to make one more row for our own quilt that includes stitchery before we finish them off.  At Sunday Stitchers I worked on the turtle pincushion I've showed in previous posts. I will be able to finish it next time I work on it. I also made a hexie swag but haven't taken pictures yet.

I received a special gift for my birthday that I have not shown yet either.  I have added to it so I could hang it in a place where I will see it every day. Picture next time.

So, from Sunday to Sunday, last week was quite a week!  I will catch up on blogs soon. xx Debbie

Thank you to those who offered congrats on FB.   I am not on FB, but friends have showed me some of the messages.  They also helped me register for Instagram, so if you are there, you can find me by my usual name of sweetlittlecottage.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Did You Know?

Hi everyone,

I didn't know that 17 September is Australian Citizenship Day, did you?

This was in a letter I received around a month ago.  (I love the nice little quilty touch they included in the graphics just for me LOL)

I passed the citizenship test back in May.  Next step after that is to wait for a letter of invitation to attend a ceremony and taking the Pledge of Allegiance.   The ceremony is tonight at 7pm.

I don't know how to knit, so I asked my friend Maria if she would knit a scarf in red, white, and blue for me to wear to the ceremony tonight.  She went to great lengths to find the colours especially for me because all of her usual places to shop didn't have what she needed.  It is so pretty, thank you Maria! Pop over to Maria's blog to read this post about what another lady made with one of these is very clever!!

I will leave you for now with one of my favourite Aussie pictures as I reflect today on the day I arrived just over 9 years ago, with two suitcases, a new job waiting for me, and plenty of dreams for the future.   Tonight is really the night! :)  xx debbie

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Boy 16, Turtle, Veg Pie, and Rhonda

Hi everyone,

I was so happy when dear Boy 16 came home from work yesterday. We have been apart since Friday morning!

I think he was happy to be home too.  He played with NEMO for ages (seems to be his fave), and then he cuddled up to his giraffe for a nap.  This picture just melts me :)

He is such a sweetie. The back of his legs look odd because that is a bit of late afternoon sun shining on him.  We will have to say our good byes Friday morning as he continues to pass all of his training. I sure will miss him.  He has been good fun.

I had a letter last week saying the power on my street will be off for 8 hours Monday. Yikes! I am dependent on the power for nebuliser treatments.  The power company suggested I spend the day at the hospital. *NOT*!!  I decided to do extra treatments up until the time of turn off, then make myself sit quietly all day.  I managed to finish all the basting prep for the turtle pincushion by Anni Downs.

The same rainbow silverbeet I paid 50 cents for many months ago is still feeding me and the baby spinach seeds in the next pot are now pretty leaves ready to pick too.

The cherry tomatoes are still coming. That is a jalapeno pepper at the top.  I am not a huge lover of green stuff, but if I chop all those leaves up and make them into an impossible pie with some tomatoes and cheese, that green stuff will be tasty :)
I know quite a few people on my blog list also have this blog on their reading list too.  If you read Down to Earth, you will know her name.  She and husband Hanno have been speaking at libraries in my area. Tomorrow they will be at Redcliffe Library, which is the closest to where I live.  I signed up to attend around 3 weeks ago, and the day is nearly here, at last!  I have been so inspired the past few years by all the simple living things I have learned from Rhonda. I think my favourite of all was learning to make my own yoghurt with no special packets or equipment needed.  I am very much looking forward to this special day.  xx debbie