Thursday, 24 July 2014

What a Week!, Thank You, Boy 14

Hi everyone,

Hope your week has been good.  Sunday was a huge day out for Boy 14 and I and we are only just recovering from all the excitement.  

Remember the tomatoes I showed earlier? I've been picking a few every day.

They are sweet as candy and I have been eating them that way along with this way:

This was my lunch a few days ago: everything except tomatoes from Aldi.

Last Friday, I received this amazing parcel from  Mel K.  She had a few issues with her overlocker, but she won and made these gorgeous nursing pads for the charity drive  I was sorting.  Thank you Mel for your generous donation. 

I emailed my Sunday Stitchers group to ask them to bring donations to our meeting last Sunday and the response was amazing!  There were so many items that I didn't get to take pictures of them all.

The donations were collected by Kat, who helps out the volunteers.  The volunteers collected the donations from Kat yesterday and then sent me the most amazing text messages.

"Debbie I just collected the items from Kat and I'm bawling. How can we ever thank you all? You are Angels. We are overwhelmed. Thank you soooooooo much".

"I've just posted a heap of photos on our Facebook page".

So, thank you to the bloggers who sent donations, and thank you to Sunday Stitchers too for helping me to help these volunteers.  You can see more pictures here.  They posted 17 pictures, wow!!

We always have a table of goodies that we bring in to snack on during the day. I made a veggie pie (not pictured) from the rainbow silverbeet I showed earlier, garlic chives from my garden too, and cheese.  I brought home an empty plate that night :)

Do you know what is wrong with this picture?  The "special dogs" are never allowed on the furniture, but it appears this one was before he came to me.  He has two dog beds in different rooms, but never mind!  He actually jumped up on the sofa when I was sitting there and tried to cuddle me...(not ok) then I found him here on the daybed, so I put a blanket down for him.  Labradors shed a LOT.  See that lump beside his head? That is a newborn size porcelain doll that needs a repair but apparently makes a perfect dog pillow too ...

Here he is on another day...I don't mind him sleeping here instead of the dog beds, BUT!!!
Yesterday I briefly considered changing the sheets on my bed and while I was standing there, I thought to myself "that looks like a LOT more dog hair than what would fall off my pyjamas (and a suspicious looking dog size lump left behind) ....but then I got distracted and moved on to something else.  Last night, I fell asleep on the sofa, got up during the night as I always do, and found him sleeping in MY bed!  NO, NO, (his name).  He went to the daybed right away and now I am keeping that door closed LOL.  I really adore Boy 14 and I am hearing the clock ticking louder now.  I will miss him a lot when he goes, cheeky guy that he is...He will go to his new family next Friday am.  xx debbie

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stitching, Tomatoes, Boy 14

Hi everyone,

Well, I SHOULD be working on hexies for the row along quilt, due by Sunday.  I am finding the hexie row the biggest challenge so far. The row is only 5 1/2 inches wide, thus giving less than 5" work space maximum.  I've made one design of  (23)  hexies and I am still working on 4 more items (7) hexies each.  I am using half inch hexies and I still can't show you for a couple more months! It's a good thing I like hexies...I know some of the other ladies don't.

When my hands get a bit cramped from hexies, I've been working on this stitchery by Anni Downs.  I've finished it now with a few extra embellishments and I am loving it.  I thought about making it into the little zipper bag as shown in the pattern, but I then I had another idea.

The last time I went to Texas, of course I went to my all time fave quilt shop ever: Cabbage Rose.
I found this pretty Honey Bun roll on sale. I have no idea who it is by, because the cuts are so narrow. I can work out Minick & Lauri, and  Moda.   The book in the background is " A Thankful Heart" by Natalie Bird.  My plan is to use this stitchery and the Honey Bun to make the bag with patchwork instead of "LOVE YOU" as shown.   I especially like the style of the handles and the detail of the little ties on the side of the bag.  Cute and a bit different too!

Where I live, recently we have had record low temperatures, even breaking a record 103 years old.
I am pretty happy the tomatoes don't seem to mind.  I've been eating from this "Tumbling Tomato" plant every day lately.  It is in a hanging pot just outside my front door.

Same plant, the other side.  I will definitely be saving seeds from this beauty.  There are well over 50 tomatoes in various stages on this one plant.

I've mentioned before my much loved Grandma always planted pansies when the weather cooled, so I have followed her tradition.  I have 5 pots full at the moment. (She is 97 and still quilting)!!

On the left is rainbow silverbeet and on the right are spinach seedlings.  I've been eating from the rainbow silverbeet plant for over 6 months now.  I cut some, and more comes back :)  These leaves just might become part of a veggie quiche to take to Sunday Stitchers this weekend (with garlic chives, not shown).

This is called Pineapple Sage. It has been blooming for months now.  I recently cut it way back and brought a bouquet of flowers inside for a vase. The leaves smell like pineapple when crushed.

This is a different kind of cherry tomato and this one is in the back, hanging from the deck roof.   This is in one of those upside down hanging bags.  I haven't tasted this kind yet, as this is the first one to turn.  There are many more on the same plant but it is hard to get them all in the picture.  I have had good luck with the upside down bags for years now.  The bugs don't seem to bother them near as much as in regular pots.   It's pretty cool to have the taste of fresh tomatoes every day despite the cold temperatures.  The pot below has potato seedlings in it, an easy way to water two plants at once too.

Boy 14 a little while ago....  Last night, I got an email that made me cry because I am a silly old girl!! There is a family that wants to adopt him.  He will stay with me until the morning of 1st August, then he goes... Of course, I knew this was coming as it does every time, but he is such a sweetie that I will be sad to see him go.  I know where he is going and a description of his new home and family, so that does help a little, but he will be missed for sure.  xx debbie

Monday, 14 July 2014

Travelling Treasures Winner

Hi everyone,

The Travelling Treasures guessing game ended last night.  There were some great guesses for Boy 14's weight.  Just a little info first though....When a new foster dog comes to me,  they always have an appointment with the Vet for a health check first.  On the day they arrive, they come with whatever items I will need, such as food, medications, bedding, whatever.  They are all weighed just before they come to determine what their diet will be while they stay with me.  They also come with paperwork that tells me their individual quirks or habits, their birthday, current age, and weight.

This isn't Boy 14, but this picture came in my email and I thought it was super cute!!

Anyway, according to the official paperwork,  Boy 14's weight is 39.9 KG.  Translated on my phone, this is 87.96 pounds.  The previous 13 dogs have all weighed around 29-33KG, so he is by far the largest visitor so far!!

This is another cool picture that was in the same email. Love it :)
I would like to congratulate LisaV in Perth.  Lisa guessed 39KG which was the closest to his actual weight.  Lisa, please email me with your details and I will post the parcel to you by Friday.
Thanks to everyone who played along. Hopefully, Travelling Treasures will go smoothly from now on.  xx debbie