Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WOW, Cheryll !!, Boy 14

Hi everyone,

I would like to thank some ladies today who have offered to help my recent request for donations.

Thank you to dear Cheryll who already does so much to help others with Blankets of Love and being a swap mama.

On Monday, I received this large parcel from Cheryll to put in the donation box. There are 2 puzzle books, 4 pocket tissue packets, 8nail files, 4 pens, and 4 journals. WOW!  Thank you so much for your very generous donation Cheryll. I will put these back in the post bag ready to place in the collection box.  *hugs*   Cheryll also did a blog post here.   Thank you, Cheryll.

I would also like to thank Michelle Ridgway for her blog post mention too, here.  *hugs*

A sweet blogger friend will be making some nursing pads today if she can work out rethreading her overlocker...wishing you luck with that LOL!! *hugs*

I am expecting Boy #14 arriving next Friday the 4th.  So happy!!!

He might look something like the black dog in the first picture, with a touch of grey.   All I know so far is his name, that he has been a working dog, and he is being retired.  He will come live at the cottage until he is adopted to his forever home.   Great news! xx debbie

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Hi everyone,

It was lovely stitching along with you for FNSI.  I managed 3 finishes of projects in progress.

This is a premature baby size Blessing Gown.  I washed it yesterday morning and when I went to get it this morning, it looked so pretty with the sunlight showing through.

This picture shows the size a bit more accurately.  The fabric is soft pink gauze.

Here is the silk ribbon embroidery on the front. The ribbon ties at the wrists match the rosebuds.

I finished this pair of pants. Such cute fabric found during  my trip to Tasmania. 

Another cute print for a tiny baby boy.  These pants will go in the post tomorrow to Dream A Little Dream, a group of volunteers making care packages to send to premature babies and their mums all around Australia. 

In my previous post, I made a request for donations for a collection box at my next Sunday Stitchers meeting 20th of July. 

One of the messages on that post was left by Dream A Little Dream, and here it is:

Thank you so much Debbie for doing this post about us. We are so appreciative and to everyone else offering your assistance, thank you also. You are all Angels and we are so grateful.
I am still asking for help from blogging friends to make this donation box amazing.  There are 3 ways you can help:
1.  Post your donation to me to place in the box for you. (There is a parcel already on the way from NSW which I will share with you when it arrives).
2. Post your donation directly to them. You can find them here:
3. A blog post or even a mention on your blog to help me get the word out (please and thanks)!
You are welcome to use any or all text or graphics from my previous post.  Thank you for helping me to help this lovely group of volunteers. xx debbie

Monday, 16 June 2014

Would You Like to Help?

Hi everyone,  

I have been contacted by a group of volunteers on the Gold Coast  that have been touched by the journey of premature birth.  This was the focus of my nursing career, so is a subject close to my heart.  I have seen firsthand how hard it can be for the mums to be stuck in a room at Ronald McDonald  house for many months, far away from home.  Dear Maree has given the ok to have a box for collections at our next Sunday Stitchers  meeting 20th July.  She has also graciously offered to deliver any donations to the volunteers as well.  Thank you, Maree!

The group has a Facebook page that you can find here:

Any care package items welcome- hand made or store bought.

If you would like to  help out in any way, here are a few ideas:

a  stitched bag for baby keepsakes (maybe drawstring or envelope type)

nursing pads (disposable or made by you)

milk collection bags

journal for mum/nurse to write in (mums love to read msgs from the nurse about what the baby did while they were away)

fabric or knitted softies (no buttons or beads, please) or quilts

word search, Sudoku, pass the time

pre paid satchel or envelopes, gift bags, etc for the volunteers to use

new or like new prem clothes, socks, booties, hats

something to pamper  mum: purse size hand gel, lotion, nail care,  snacks, etc

If you make breast pads, please package them in clear bag together.  Otherwise, please do not gift wrap any items as they will be sorted by the volunteers for mailing all over Australia.

One last request: if you like this idea, could you please tell a friend, or do a blog post mention?  Wouldn't it be fun to surprise these generous volunteers with a nice donation box in July?!
If you don't live near Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you are welcome to post to me and I will be happy to place the item in the collection box for you.  Collection Day is 20th July.
I know bloggers are a very generous group of ladies, so thank you in advance for any help with getting the word out or donations for the mums or bubs.  xx Debbie

Update: Regarding a few email enquiries: 1. It doesn't matter where you live, either Australia or elsewhere in the world. 2. You are welcome to attach your own label to a handmade item or add a note or card to be included with your gift. 3.  You are welcome to contact the volunteers via their Facebook link OR  mail your gift to me and I will place it in our donation box.  I will email you my address if required.  4.  Thanks again for offering to help with this request!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Buy, Bye Blues & FNWF

Hi everyone,

I will soon be saying bye to this pretty little quilt.

I listed it in my new Etsy shop last Sunday.
I was excited to receive a couple of  emails Thursday night notifying me the quilt has sold. I used
Warm N Natural batting and I just love the texture it gave after one washing.
Tuesday (when the PO opens again), I will take it from the cedar chest to post it to the other side of the world.  I hope it will be loved and well used for many years to come.
Last night, I joined in FNWF hosted by dear Cheryll.    I sewed binding for the dinosaur quilt. Nearly done now, at last.  xx debbie

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Still Stitching

Hi everyone,
Hope your stitching is going well.  I've been working on this lately:

This is silk ribbon embroidery.  The centre rose was an experiment to see if I could use 1/8" regular ribbon for the weaving part of what is called a "spider web rose".  The ribbon worked ok for the weaving, but I wouldn't use it for the rest because it was hard to poke through the fabric. The rest is silk ribbon with a bit of DMC.  (You can click on any picture to see more detail).

The embroidery is for a bodice for a tiny little gown.

This is a premie baby gown pattern. The pattern calls for elastic at the wrists  but I changed it up a bit and used 3/8" ribbon for the sleeve casing instead, then threaded 1/8th" ribbon to tie bows at the wrist.  It gives a much more delicate finish. I did have to search the cottage  for a safety pin tiny enough to thread that ribbon through  though :)  The fabric is a pale pink gauze. It is so soft and pretty.  This will be a finish soon.

Last week, I had an appointment at the hospital.  I do this every year, so I know the routine: go as early as possible in hopes of finding a disabled parking spot, have a scan that takes around half an hour, then go sit in another clinic to wait to see the specialist.  My first appointment is always at 10:30 and I have been at the second appointment as late as 3pm in the past. I have learned to take stitching with me.  This super cute little bag was a gift to me from our dear bloggy friend Marilyn a few years back.  It is less than 5" long, but I have worked out it is the perfect size to carry everything needed to work on 1/2" hexies while waiting at the doctors.  I managed to baste around 15 on the day before my eyes got tired.  I didn't have to wait quite as long this time either, I left at 1pm.  Cool :)

The dinosaur quilt is STILL waiting for me to join the binding edges so I can hand sew the binding down.  It's been at this stage for weeks!!! I need to just do the join and get on with it already.

I am still trying to understand how to be a seller on Etsy, but one thing I have worked out is that  you can post up to 5 pictures of the item.  This is one of the pictures I used for the blue and white quilt.
I took some close up pictures to show the texture too.  That's all for now, xx debbie

Monday, 2 June 2014

Busy Little Cottage and Etsy too

Hi everyone,

It still feels a bit surreal that I finally have dual citizenship after all these years.

I was born a Texan....

And I passed my test, so now I am officially an Aussie too :)
I've put the official letter on my fridge for a week or so as I am still not used to the idea yet!  Not even sure what I am now:  Austexan? Texaussie?  Ausmerican?  I am happy though :)

Another dream I have had for a very long time is to make pretty things to sell.   I've been sewing since 1973 and I love to make quilts and baby clothes.  I spent a fair few hours over the past few months making things and doing the technical stuff involved, so over the weekend I was finally able to open my very own Etsy shop.

I am not that great with technical webby stuff, but I did manage to do listings and include pictures.  I have a picture I want to use for my banner and avatar, but they need to be resized and I haven't worked that part out just yet.  The shop looks ok at the moment, but it does need some decorating and prettying up a bit!  

The Sweet Little Cottage has not had this much excitement all at once in a very long time LOL.  I must keep reminding myself to take deep breaths....xx debbie