About the Dogs *FAQ*s Updated

Not far from where I live,  there is a very special place.  They breed and train dogs to assist people in various ways.  Some of the dogs learn to guide people with vision impairment and some of them learn to assist people with limited physical abilities.  If you want to learn more, do a search of "assistance dogs".  There are some amazing videos out there.  Some of the other dogs are also working in a newer program to assist autistic children and the outcomes have been fantastic.

For personal reasons, I was not able to help them out by raising a puppy.  We worked together and came up with another option though.  In April of 2013,  I started looking after dogs from other situations.  Some have been very ill,  some have had an injury and needed a quiet home to rest in, and some go to work all day (their training) and come "home" to live with me nights and weekends.

For the privacy of the client, I do not mention the dog's name on my blog.  This is why you will see me refer to them as  Boy or Girl and a number.  

Today (24 September 2014)  I welcomed Girl 17 to my home.  She is the 17th dog I have looked after since I started.

I do not get to keep any of the dogs.  I do usually cry when they leave, but I always know that is part of the arrangement and another one will come along.  

I can honestly say that each and every one of them has been a unique soul and none of them are the same as the one before, even if they often look similar.

Helping this charity is very close to my heart.  If you would like to help too, please message me.
These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  If you have a different question, please ask.   xx debbie

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