Wednesday, 29 May 2013

day 8

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                                                                  day 2...........?

                                                                            day 7

                                                                      night 7

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Friday, 17 May 2013


Yesterday when I checked the mail, instead of a yucky bill,  I found a nice squishy parcel instead.
I was a recent winner over at dear Cheryll's blog.  She said her hubby chose me LOL.

My goodies were wrapped in pretty paper and signed with hugs from Cheryll.
Cheryll  sent me two fat quarters. They are in lovely neutral light browns, making them easy to add to a new project.  Thank you so much Cheryll for sending me some nice *fun* mail.  Smiling here.
Today, dear De and her nice hubby came over.  Nice hubby fixed a door for me that wouldn't close due to the lovely salty air I live in.  This morning it was 14C in my house, so I can tell you I will be very happy to be able to close that door tonight!  I think the new girl was cold last night too LOL.
Here is the new girl just awhile ago.  She wakes me up at first light by nudging me in the head until I get up and feed her.  Of course, I am awake and then she sleeps most of the day.  She is all worn out from the visitors who just left  and now she is sound asleep. Me,......wide awake.
My thoughts are in North Texas the past two days.  The recent tornadoes were only a 1/2 hour drive from my old house and where the rest of my family still lives.  This is the closest to home they have ever been and I am sad for those who were lost. I used to love to go to Granbury for lunch and to explore the antique shops.  So sad to see the damage there.   I guess we just never know who will be next...
xx debbie

Friday, 10 May 2013

She Dances!!!

Last Tuesday, my first girl left to go to her new forever home.  She is doing great with her new kids and her new family is happy to have her.   It's been quiet here for 9 days...until Thursday morning.  This  girl came to stay with me for awhile and she is lovely.

It's not a perfect picture, but I still think it is pretty cool!  I took this from a distance with zoom.  Sometimes less than perfect pictures are interesting too.....

Interesting position she is in.  Her family is off for a lovely holiday.  They gave me a detailed letter about her when they brought her to me yesterday.   One of the things they mentioned was that she often does a happy dance at feeding time.  So, last night, I watched her carefully as SHE  watched me carefully preparing her meal.  Nothing happened other than she watched my every move.

Isn't she gorgeous? Such a pretty, shiny coat.   She is so different from the first girl in many ways.  I've never seen a pup relax in that position though. 

This is her this afternoon.  I took several pictures and she didn't move.  She is very calm.

I think she might be a little shy too.  She doesn't pose for the camera or move with the flash like the first girl did.  Anyway,  last night was our first night and it was chilly.  I fell asleep on the couch cuddled under my favourite pips quilt while watching tv.  I woke up around 3 something and let the girl outside too  while I was awake.  I was cold then and went back to sleep.

Kinda like this, but I was back under my  quilt :)   Around 6:30,  I woke up to some gentle nudges to the back of my head.  This was a bit disconcerting as I am normally the only one here besides the geckos and ants.  I remember groaning a bit and pulling the quilt up more, but the nudges continued.
They were gentle nudges, but insistent. When I didn't respond right away, the nudges moved from the back of my head to my face.  OK then. Time to wake up.....
As I became coherent and started to get up, I saw her.  She was doing "THE DANCE".  She launched herself and did a complete spin mid air. She did it several times until I was on my feet. 
 How can a dog do that? Launch, complete spin, repeat.  
Lucky me, I woke up smiling this morning.  It was so cool to watch her be so  happy to wake me up.
I think she is going to be fun to have around.  It's all good.
xx debbie

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Four Patch Fun

Last week, I opened a jelly roll of blue and brown 2 1/2 inch  strips.

I sewed them into pairs.    Here are all
the pairs freshly ironed.    All that ironing was boring and I soon lost interest

 I traced a LOT of shapes for future applique projects instead.

I worked on them a bit Friday night while sewing with friends.  (I had M&Ms to get me through)
Today, I finished cutting all the pairs to a width  of 5 inches.  There was very little waste.

Here is the stack of pairs I ended up with.  Ready for some fun?

Choose two pairs.  Don't put the blues or browns beside each other.

Place the pairs right sides together with the seams  horizontal.  Sew down each side,  left and right.

Cut down the middle (2 1/2 inches here).  Each one will open from the middle out.

Well look what happened! Two sets of four patches :)

Place your pile  in easy reach, and start chain stitching in pairs, right sides together.
 This might  take awhile, but  it's fun!

xx debbie

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

She is Gone

Yesterday at 6:30am, my trainer came to collect the girl from my home on her way to work.  It is now just over 28 hours for me without her here.  Her new forever family was going to be collecting  her at 11am on Tuesday.

The night before, I carefully packed her bone, toys, medications, treats, feeding bowl, and paperwork.
I had a chat with her to tell her about her new life and how much I would miss her.  I told her that she would be going to live with 3 children who have been sleeping with her picture every night and how much  they all can't wait until they get to  keep her forever.  She gave me extra cuddles and didn't seem to mind my tears.

Yes, you can get very attached in only one week.  It happened to me.

When she was picked up on Tuesday morning, I was ok.  I knew her new life would be more fun for her with the kids than it was just  hanging out with me.  The trainer left the big doggy bed with me and said someone new will come along soon.

 Dear De came to stay with me all day and we went out for a lovely lunch.  When we got home, De  did some  stitching while I traced some super cute Dinosaurs for a future project.  De helped me get through a tough day. Thank you luvie for distracting me.    Today I feel a bit lost.  I didn't get to let the girl out this morning  or make her breakfast or give her a cuddle.  I think she will be perfect for her new family though and with 3 young children to love her...yes, warm fuzzies for sure.  I miss you a lot though, dear girl.  You were a good companion for me.

The adult part of me knows she will have a lot more fun with 3 kids...but the little girl in me is missing her like crazy today.

Today I  will just stay in and hang out with a box of tissues.
Tomorrow will be better.

Hope your day is a good one! xx debbie