Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lovely Sunday

Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well.   I woke up to this gorgeous soul who has been visiting me the past couple of weekends.

Meet boy 7.  He is  a big guy (he is as tall as me standing up).  He is an epic shedder and he doesn't snore ALL the time, but when he does, the walls rattle LOL.

Like the others, he loves bunny and teddy and keeps them close by.

Teddy is always the favourite one though.   None of these pictures are posed by me.  He carries
teddy around and then poses like a supermodel when he sees the camera LOL.

Like the others, he loves peanut butter, Vegemite, and carrots.  Very entertaining....

Last weekend we spent all day on the planting, him napping in the sun.  Tonight is our last night together.   I have enjoyed every moment :) 

Behind boy 7 are some tomato plants that needed bigger pots. 

This is my first tomato of the summer.  It is still growing and I am excited that it will be my lunch soon! I check it every single day LOL.  There are more on the other plants, all smaller ones though.

This weekend I have sewn and pressed these split quarter square triangles for A4A block 3.Trimming these is next up, then sewing them in 4 blocks of 4 pieces and adding sashing. 

I prefer to switch between several projects (even on the same day)!!,  so I have also been working on
this stitchery by Vicki at The Pickledish Patch.  This is a pleasure to stitch.

I need a finish for this month, and I need to replace my loved to (shredded) bits bag, so I will plan to finish this today.  It will go together quicker than the others I
have shown because there is no quilting or applique this time.

Here are the linings with the pockets and pleats. The outer bag will be the rose fabric.   Time to get back to it! xx debbie

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hair, Boy6,7, and A4A

Hi everyone,

Not much stitching happening here lately. I've been started on 3 new medications in the past month and the side effects are dragging me down...but have still managed to do a little.

First up...long hair.  I have found with hair this long, I can't get away with a shampoo, cut and style for less than $60 anymore.  That just isn't in the budget, so I started watching videos online of how to cut  your own hair.  I was ready for some layers and a shorter length, which is what happens when you comb it all forward, put it in hair ties, and cut.
I tried to do it by myself, but when I sat down and combed it all forward, it was nearly to the floor. My arms weren't long enough LOL so I decided to wait until dear De could help me, and she was happy to.
It took awhile to comb it all forward, then it had to be wet down.
I placed a hair tie at the hairline and a second one that could be slid down to the cutting point.
Here is the after picture.  De cut off 17 inches. Wow. Now that I am feeling a bit more brave, I think another cut will be happening soon. I am loving the layers in the front. Thank you , De!
Boy 6 was with me for two weeks.  He was lovely to have around while his puppy raising family was away on holidays.
Like the others, he loved to carry the teddy bear around and bring it to me.
On weekdays, he was collected by his trainer to go to work all day.  Here he has spotted the van and he is watching her come to the door to collect him.
Boy7 will be coming on Friday and will be staying with me for 3 weekends.  I think I have seen him from a distance (waiting in the van) and I am pretty sure he is a Golden. Will find out soon!
These are my blocks for one colourway for A4A quiltalong, Block 3.  They just need sashing.
These are Block 3 Batik version, still need to be sewn in SQST (split quarter square triangles). 
I cut out a bag, lining, and pockets from my favourite pattern. No sewing yet though.
I traced 6 stitcheries (all by Michelle Ridgway). The first is an "M" for an upcoming swap.
They are SO sweet, just love them.  Hope to feel well enough to start stitching them soon.
xx debbie

Monday, 16 September 2013

Congrats Bev C!!!

Hi everyone, I have done a random draw this morning and I would like to offer congratulations to Bev C in WA.  Bev, you are the winner of Travelling Treasures, so could you please email me and let me know your postal details so I can pass them on to dear Lyndell?

The parcel contents look fantastic and I hope you will  have a lot of fun choosing what to keep, add, and send along.  Thank you Lyndell and Bev C and everyone else for playing along.  xx debbie

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Travelling Treasures Time!!

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder, you have until late Sunday night (AEST) to enter the Travelling Treasures giveaway.
The most recent winner, Lyndell, does not have a blog, so all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment here.  I will do a random drawing on Monday morning.

Travelling Treasures is a parcel that travels once a month around Australia.  The contents vary, but will always include a fat quarter, and two patterns, plus a few other goodies.  You keep what you like, then add to the parcel, and choose the next winner.  Please see my previous  post for pictures of what is in the parcel at the moment, and then leave a comment to enter. Too easy!   xx debbie

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Travelling Treasures Giveaway

Hi everyone,

This week  is Tuesday Treasures over at Melody's place and that means it is Travelling Treasures time again too!  The lovely Lyndell  was the winner for August and she has let me know that she
is ready to pass the parcel on.  Lyndell does not have a blog, so I am acting on her behalf this time.

From Lyndell:

I received a Fat Quarter, Christmas Panel, metre of lace, two patterns, project sheet, butterfly magnet and spotted buttons. I am keeping the Fat quarter and the Christmas panel and have added two Fat quarters, a spool (9 metres) of dark green ribbon and a piece of spotted felt.
 The fat quarter and the Christmas panel Lyndell is keeping.

The goodies that Lyndell will be passing on.

No guessing game this time, all you have to do to enter this giveaway is to leave me a comment here and let me know you are interested in playing along.  Too easy!   I will choose a winner this coming
Sunday night so Lyndell can post the parcel early next week.  Good luck to everyone and thank you
Lyndell for playing along.  

xx Debbie and Lyndell.