Monday, 25 March 2013

FNSI, Vinnies, and dogs

Hi everyone,

My FNSI went well. It actually lasted most of the weekend :)  I nearly finished a needlecase but I will save that for another post.  I prepped a fq for quilting and then I will make it into another fabric box.  I was getting ready to start quilting it, then decided to service my machine. I clean the bobbin area every single time I refill, but  I've never taken the throat plate off and looked under the bobbin guts.  Wow...I found a lot more lint than I was expecting.  It's a wonder she sewed at all. 

I worked on one of the 3 curtains I need to make, but it's not finished yet. 

I found this fabric a couple years ago. It was only $5/ metre, but it is about  2.5 metres
wide. Bonus! It is finished on both sides, similar to selvedge, so I really only need to sew the top and
bottom.  I think it probably is bed sheet fabric.  It came on a huge roll.  I also prepped a few
applique pieces because I would like to learn how to do machine blanket stitching.

De came to visit today.  We were going to have Thai food for lunch, but they were closed, so we were forced to go to  this cute little coffee shop instead:)   They have all day brekkie, so we both had eggs benedict.  It was delicious but I am still full.

Just down the road is my fave Vinnies. This is the one where I have the best luck.  Today was great!
As you know, I am hoping to have a guide dog here with me soon.  I need to supply bedding for the crate and a couple of decent sized toys for my new friend to sleep with.  Today was half price day at Vinnies and I was in luck! Found this gorgeous wool blanket,  only $4.  It is large enough to cut up to make 4 blankets for the crate. 

I love the colours, a soft grey, cream, and green.  De tells me this is one of the finest Aussie brands.
Next up, some cuddly friends for the pup to sleep with.  They were $2 and $1.

Aren't they sweet?   I am think I am officially nesting now LOL.

This doona cover was $2.50.  It has this eyelet ruffle all the way around, which I plan to reverse sew after it has had a good washing.  The embroidery is in  palest peach and soft green.

Speaking of dogs, my dog theme library book this time is about a dog that was severely abused.  He was recovering from his injuries and was still at the vet's office when another family went there to sadly put their own pet down.  They  adopted him  and he has turned out to be a much loved pet.

In all the excitement of the Adelaide trip, I forgot to take a picture of the project bag I made De for her birthday.  I chose some teddy bear themed blocks that I bought at one of the quilt shops we visited together in Tasmania.  She brought the bag today, so a few pics :

I cut a fringe around each block.  I really like the look after it's been washed.  De has a soft spot for teddies.

I did simple line quilting on the machine.  Of course, the lining has dots! Dots are happy.
Hope you  had a happy weekend too.   xx debbie


  1. You scored well at Vinnies. I love the bag you have made with the teddies. The pattern looks great too. Sharyn:)

    1. Hi Sharyn, thanks for stopping by and for the compliments too :) Let me know your blog name so I can check it out please. xx debbie

  2. Gorgeous Bag, love the soft toys... and the shell fabric!!! OMG where can I get me some of that???

    1. Hi Chris, Love the bags you have been making too. They look to be such a nice size. I've had the shell fabric a couple years now, so not sure if it is still available. However, I think I bought 5m, so there's a good chance I will have some left and I will be happy to share with you. xx debbie

  3. *Squeals* ooo that would be lovely Chick! When you have a scrap left over let me know and I'll give you my address. Thank you !


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