Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Girl4, Boy5,and pain

Girl 4 has been with me for awhile, but on Monday, she went to a new home.
She just melted my very cute, she was!!

She was such a sweetie and there were many tears when I had to say goodbye to her.

Here she is enjoying the "KONG" :  this is a hollow rubber toy I fill with peanut butter or Vegemite. They all love the PB and Vegemite and work very hard to get it from the inside.

I only had to wait one day for a new companion and here he is, Boy5, my first boy pup.

He is by far the biggest one yet, weighing 30.7 kg, which to me is 67.68 pounds.  WOW! I have given him treats and he is SUPER gentle with me.  He is also like a bull in a china shop knocking things over with his tail wagging, so I have had to  put a few things away for now. All good though!!

He adores the bunny (shown) and the teddy bear (as seen with girl4)  and loves to bring them to me.  I have been taught to say "thank you" when this happens and here is why:

Both girl4 and boy5 are in a new program as service dogs.  Girl4 is being trained as a wheelchair assistant. Boy5 will go live with an autistic child. As service dogs, they are learning to open doors, turn on/off lights, put items in a shopping trolley (as directed by a pointer), fetch keys, etc. If you are interested in this subject and would like to learn more, just google "service dogs" and you can view videos on YOUTUBE of their amazing talents.

I only expect boy5 to be with me x8 days until next Wednesday. His loving family is on holidays.
He is a joy to have around and I will enjoy every moment except I think that  tonight I will put him outside while I prepare his evening meal.

It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but while he is watching me, he drips drool from both sides of his mouth all the way down to the floor. Both sides...solid from mouth to floor...please enjoy this visual with me!!  This puddle is actually  bigger than a dinner plate!!! It was gross but sent me right into a fit of giggles very cute!!

Last, about the pain.  I've had many blood draws since I became so unwell in 2010 and they don't worry me much anymore.  Last Friday, I went for an early morning draw and the pain was excruciating this time!

As soon as the blood lady put the needle in, it felt like an electric shock from my elbow to my wrist.
It was so bad, I cried, and she wanted to take it right out, but I said I didn't want to get stuck again either so she left it in as she only had to fill two tubes.

I don't think I have ever cried for a blood draw until now!!  After, she gave me a patient information sheet and told me I should go buy a lottery ticket since this is so rare.

Here is what the sheet says: "There are other rare complications of venipuncture but you have to be unlucky to suffer one of these. For example you may have a tiny branch of one of the sensory nerves of the arm actually running over the surface of the vein. Rarely the needle will hit this tiny nerve on the way into the vein.  This may cause a sharp electric-shock type pain as it happens. This may be all that happens, however, a tingling type of pain may persist for one to four weeks as the nerve heals. This is inconvenient and unpleasant but it eventually heals up".

Because of this, I have not sewed since last week.  Just call me unlucky for now :)
xx debbie


  1. Holy &^%* - that would be enough to put a lot of people off having a blood test - and even off giving blood. I hope the tingling etc stops very soon. Bummer when you can't sew....

    thanks - didn't need the info about the drool - that is why I am not a fan of bigger dogs...yuck.

    1. I have been an RN since 1993 and have done many draws myself and NEVER heard of this either.. The drool is gross but I only expect to have him for 8 days so I can cope with that ok. xx debbie

  2. I have never heard of that happening at a blood test... a rarity indeed.... but I am sorry it made you cry!
    I think you are so good taking in the dogs.. so special...

    1. Thank you Fiona, I have never heard of it either and as an RN, I have done many draws myself. It is easing up a bit now, thankfully. xx debbie

    2. I hope your nerve heals soon. It's so nice of you to take care of so many dogs. I'm very glad my dog doesn't drool!

  3. Oh you poor thing - trust you to be one of the rare ones. You lastest doggy house guests are adorable. No what you mean about labradors and food - they do love their dinner.

    1. oh dear Mel, I put him on the deck while I made his dinner last night(opposite end of the house) and he was STILL drooling when I let him in LOL. He must have heard me. Thankfully, he doesn't drool all the time, only mealtimes. xx debbie

  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hope that never happens again. Your doggy friends are very cute, not so sure about the drool though. Hugs......

    1. Hi dear Noela,
      He is a super sweet guy although he is the size of a volkswagon)!, and he only drools at mealtime. I only expect to have him for 8 days, so am just taking it all as it comes...:) hope to see you soon. xx debbie

  5. Hi Debbie, so sorry about the blood draw. Ever since I had problems in recovery after my hysterectomy 2 years ago (the pain meds came unhooked), I am a baby when it comes to any needles and pain. And I have to have lots of tests because of my Psoriatic Arthritis. I hope you are doing better.

  6. Hi dear Karen, nice to hear from you again. It is now 9 days and I am still having pain from this blood draw. I hope you will find a way to cope with needles again someday as I think we all must face them at times. I hope I will be able to cope too someday but this has put me right off! xx debbie

  7. You are such a good person to look after these dogs, I know that I could never do it for I would find it far too painful to part with them, I hope that your pain is relieved soon.

  8. I have cried a few times, for sure. The best part is that they need volunteers, and so far have kept me busy with a steady supply. It is so interesting how different each one is from the other. xx debbie


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