Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Travelling Treasures, Life, and Dogs

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to dear Cheryll for helping to keep this little idea of mine going.  Cheryll was the July winner and she chose to offer a fun guessing game on her blog and the winner would be the next person to receive the Travelling Treasures parcel.

Lyndell H. was chosen for correctly guessing Father's Day as the answer to the giveaway.

Lyndell does not have a blog, so when the time comes next month, I will be happy to host the giveaway for her.   Cheryll has put together a lovely parcel and I can't wait to see how much it changes yet again.  Congratulations, Lyndell and I hope you have fun playing along.

Not long ago, I mentioned I needed a blood test and the blood collector hit a nerve,  causing me such pain that I was unable to sew at all for two weeks.  Unfortunately, the results of that blood test earned
me an invitation for another date with the blood collector.  I put it off for over  two weeks because I was expecting to be stuck twice: a fasting blood draw, drink a sugar drink, then another draw one hour later.  Well!!  If only!!  Today I finally got up the nerve to go again.  The blood collector  told me right away I would need 3 sticks instead of 2. Grrr..

The first stick was fasting and along with the other stuff ordered, she filled 9 tubes. Then I drank a sugar drink, and she stuck me again 1 hour later.  Then I had a third draw, one hour later again. I was there before 7 and home just after 10am.  At least she didn't hit a nerve this time, but she told me to rest all day due to the testing she did. Ok then.  I was SO happy to get  home after all that! 11 is not a nice number when you are talking about someone taking your blood LOL.  Another no sew day, too.

If you read my blog, you know I am a foster mum for some very special dogs.  The longest I have been without a dog since I started was 6 days.  Tomorrow will be 2 whole weeks since I said bye to
dear boy5. I have enjoyed having a little break, but I am so ready now that I emailed my trainer today
to say I  hope she finds someone for me to look after very soon. :)

This picture came in my email. It just makes me happy.
                            No idea who this is- it's another email picture, but I love it!

Don't know who to give credit to for this picture either, but I LOVE it!!  Don't know how they all  ended up looking the same direction  at the same time, but it makes me smile.  Do you see the four  odd coloured ones?   xx debbie


  1. hope your arm is better tomorrow Debbie and i hope you get another dag soon.xx

  2. Good to hear you survived this blood test better than the last one - some people have a knack for doing it right - some don't....:-(

  3. Goodness me, that is a lot of blood sticks removed. Hope a doggy arrives very soon for you.

  4. Take it easy Deb... and thanks for helping Lyndell. Love the pic's especially the last one! :)


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