Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lovely Sunday

Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well.   I woke up to this gorgeous soul who has been visiting me the past couple of weekends.

Meet boy 7.  He is  a big guy (he is as tall as me standing up).  He is an epic shedder and he doesn't snore ALL the time, but when he does, the walls rattle LOL.

Like the others, he loves bunny and teddy and keeps them close by.

Teddy is always the favourite one though.   None of these pictures are posed by me.  He carries
teddy around and then poses like a supermodel when he sees the camera LOL.

Like the others, he loves peanut butter, Vegemite, and carrots.  Very entertaining....

Last weekend we spent all day on the planting, him napping in the sun.  Tonight is our last night together.   I have enjoyed every moment :) 

Behind boy 7 are some tomato plants that needed bigger pots. 

This is my first tomato of the summer.  It is still growing and I am excited that it will be my lunch soon! I check it every single day LOL.  There are more on the other plants, all smaller ones though.

This weekend I have sewn and pressed these split quarter square triangles for A4A block 3.Trimming these is next up, then sewing them in 4 blocks of 4 pieces and adding sashing. 

I prefer to switch between several projects (even on the same day)!!,  so I have also been working on
this stitchery by Vicki at The Pickledish Patch.  This is a pleasure to stitch.

I need a finish for this month, and I need to replace my loved to (shredded) bits bag, so I will plan to finish this today.  It will go together quicker than the others I
have shown because there is no quilting or applique this time.

Here are the linings with the pockets and pleats. The outer bag will be the rose fabric.   Time to get back to it! xx debbie


  1. Boy is so beautiful. Lovely sewing too.

  2. gorgeous puppy and love your beautiful work Debbie.xx

  3. Very cute boy. Your tomatoe plants are looking great Debbie. Like your stitching too. Sharyn:)

  4. he is a lovely looking dog.. and I know you will miss him.... lovely sewing.. I also like to switch between projects like that...

  5. Gorgeous dogs you get - well in a photo anyway!!! great sewing too.

  6. Gorgeous dog. Looks very innocent in those photos. I'm sure you will miss him. Lovely sewing. Hugs.......

  7. Boy 7 is the cutest ...beautiful stitching the look of the bag...

  8. Great looking hound, he is so photogenic....wonderful stitching.


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