Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Secret Sewing and OOPS!!!

Hi everyone,

Our stitching group Christmas party is this weekend, so I have been putting the finishing touches on my Secret Santa gift.  I might even be done early LOL!!

Here is a sneak peek.  These are two of my favourite fabrics and I hope she likes them too.
This celery stub was headed for the compost bin, but I read somewhere that it would grow, so here it is on day 8 after first cutting.  I've been showing weekly updates since it was growing well...
But then I moved it and (OOPS)!!! forgot to water it, and this is how it looked yesterday morning...
I thought about the compost bin again, but decided to pick off the slimy bits and try some fresh water...
Only two hours later, I could see much improvement...
And today, it looks like nothing bad ever  happened...Mother Nature can be so amazing. This is day 31.
Girl 9 is a lovely companion for me.  She is friendly and has nice manners too.  She leaves on Saturday morning and then Girl 8 comes back Monday morning with no set leaving date so far.
I miss Girl 8 this much! Can't wait to see her again. xx debbie


  1. Hello Deb,

    I am enjoying watching your Celery re-grow. I love eating Celery but they come in such a huge bundle that I don't bother. Love that last photo of the girls.
    Have fun with your secret sewing.

    Happy days.

  2. amazing with the celery and glad your puppy is coming back for a visit.xx

  3. Good job on the celery Debbie! it's a Celebrity Celery!

  4. looking forward to seeing what you made with your pretty fabric....

  5. Nice sneek peak Deb. Lovely doggy photos. See you Sunday. Hugs.....

  6. Aww those Doggies are Adorable having a Cuddle
    See you Sunday

  7. Looking forward to Sunday and the big reveal - I better get a move on!
    Gotta love that last photo!

  8. Beautiful photo of "the hugs" :)


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