Friday, 29 March 2013

Introducing Travelling Treasures

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter!

I would like to introduce you to an idea I have had for awhile.  I think it will be fun and I hope you will join in.  The original idea credit all goes to dear Melody.  Melody offers a chance to win a giveaway on her blog on the second Tuesday of the month that is called Tuesday Treasures.  I was her lucky winner a couple of months ago and I have made the needlecase from the pattern and fabric she sent me.  Since I don't need the pattern any more, I've been thinking that it might be fun to pass it on. Squishy mail is always better than a flat envelope!

Thank you Melody for your kind words of encouragement for me to proceed.
Here is the plan so far (feel free to offer suggestions or comments because this is my first giveaway so I am still learning)!

I will post the pattern from Melody and include a second pattern from me.
I  will add a fat quarter to get you started and a little notebook for you to sign with your address and blog address.
I will keep to the same date as Tuesday Treasures (2nd Tuesday of the month) to act as a reminder and avoid confusion.

You can keep either or both patterns.  One month later, (Tuesday Treasure time), send any two patterns, a fat quarter, and the notebook along to the next person.  Offer a giveaway on your blog, then send the goodies on to your winner.  You can have a contest or use random # generator.

To join in, you need to have a blog or a friend that will post an update on their blog for you.

Feel free to grab my new button.  I made it all by myself, and it's my very  first one! :)

Ok. I think that pretty much covers it.  I offer to you a guessing game as a chance to be my first ever  giveaway winner.  I hope  you will play along.  The more, the merrier :)

If you read my blog, you know by now how much I  love dogs and hope to have one soon.

I have had 3 dogs in my childhood and adult life that were all very much loved.
All 3 were female.  When I was very  little, the first girl  was a dachshund. Later, there was a lovely  beagle mutt rescued from the shelter (sweetest dog ever!), and the most recent one was a blue heeler/collie mix, also rescued and much loved.

The first person who correctly guesses the  name of  -any-   ONE  of the 3 girls will be my winner.
Please leave your  THREE   guesses in ONE blog reply,  so I won't get too confused :)
Let's have fun, and good luck!!
xx debbie

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

No stitching, but a nice day/ and dog update

Today I needed to visit the chemist. They are  SO nice there, and they know me by now as I need to  go in   once a month, every month.   Good Price Pharmacy Rothwell, thank you. Your employees are super nice * Every- Single- Time*.  Today, Colleen even pointed out to me that one of my meds was on special for .99c, regular 2.99.  I bought the maximum allowed of 3. Thank you dear lady  for telling me!

To get there, I go over the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge. It doesn't take long, and it is a gorgeous drive.  Ted Smout was Queensland’s longest-surviving World War I veteran and a keen fisherman.

He lived until June 22, 2004 when he died at age of 106.  Why might this be interesting to anyone else but a trivia geek like me...?  because.....

It is Australia’s longest bridge!
*Sunday’s opening of the 2.7 kilometre, $315 million, three-lane ‘‘hurricane- proofed’’ cement bridge, follows the old Hornibrook toll Bridge in 1935, and the Houghton Highway in 1979.      ( The  new bridge opened in 2010.)

Read more:  (some nice pics on this site)

Me, I  do appreciate the history, but I mostly just love the view when I drive over. Ocean on both sides.  Sometimes high tide, sometimes low tide.  Easy to see which and when.  I love the ocean!

Anyway, after the chemist, my day got better.  I had  planned to stop at the IGA at Clontarf for just a few things on my way home. I like this store  because they have a pensioner's discount  EVERY  day, not only on certain days like the two other IGA's  that are  closer to me.  My plan was to spend only  around $20 for my must haves-Greek Yoghurt, fruit, veg, cheese, crackers.   In addition to the discount, the employees are super nice too.   But!! Today, they were having a special, spend $100, get $20 off the bill.  Seriously??!!
Whomever is the manager at that store, thank you sincerely for running this special. You totally  made my day. xxx

Today I had  call from Guide Dogs QLD.  My home assessment appt has been booked for Friday the 5th.   I did tell him on the phone that I don't think I could cope with a young puppy due to my health, and the guy I  spoke to agreed,  but he also  assured me that they still need "boarding care" for older dogs that have had surgery or for other reasons.  I think that would suit me well, so now to wait for the interview. :)  It might all work out, or it might not. 

I did some machine quilting last night on some pretty shabby chic fabric.  I love machine quilting...calming and good for the soul.
hope you had a great day too! xx debbie

Monday, 25 March 2013

FNSI, Vinnies, and dogs

Hi everyone,

My FNSI went well. It actually lasted most of the weekend :)  I nearly finished a needlecase but I will save that for another post.  I prepped a fq for quilting and then I will make it into another fabric box.  I was getting ready to start quilting it, then decided to service my machine. I clean the bobbin area every single time I refill, but  I've never taken the throat plate off and looked under the bobbin guts.  Wow...I found a lot more lint than I was expecting.  It's a wonder she sewed at all. 

I worked on one of the 3 curtains I need to make, but it's not finished yet. 

I found this fabric a couple years ago. It was only $5/ metre, but it is about  2.5 metres
wide. Bonus! It is finished on both sides, similar to selvedge, so I really only need to sew the top and
bottom.  I think it probably is bed sheet fabric.  It came on a huge roll.  I also prepped a few
applique pieces because I would like to learn how to do machine blanket stitching.

De came to visit today.  We were going to have Thai food for lunch, but they were closed, so we were forced to go to  this cute little coffee shop instead:)   They have all day brekkie, so we both had eggs benedict.  It was delicious but I am still full.

Just down the road is my fave Vinnies. This is the one where I have the best luck.  Today was great!
As you know, I am hoping to have a guide dog here with me soon.  I need to supply bedding for the crate and a couple of decent sized toys for my new friend to sleep with.  Today was half price day at Vinnies and I was in luck! Found this gorgeous wool blanket,  only $4.  It is large enough to cut up to make 4 blankets for the crate. 

I love the colours, a soft grey, cream, and green.  De tells me this is one of the finest Aussie brands.
Next up, some cuddly friends for the pup to sleep with.  They were $2 and $1.

Aren't they sweet?   I am think I am officially nesting now LOL.

This doona cover was $2.50.  It has this eyelet ruffle all the way around, which I plan to reverse sew after it has had a good washing.  The embroidery is in  palest peach and soft green.

Speaking of dogs, my dog theme library book this time is about a dog that was severely abused.  He was recovering from his injuries and was still at the vet's office when another family went there to sadly put their own pet down.  They  adopted him  and he has turned out to be a much loved pet.

In all the excitement of the Adelaide trip, I forgot to take a picture of the project bag I made De for her birthday.  I chose some teddy bear themed blocks that I bought at one of the quilt shops we visited together in Tasmania.  She brought the bag today, so a few pics :

I cut a fringe around each block.  I really like the look after it's been washed.  De has a soft spot for teddies.

I did simple line quilting on the machine.  Of course, the lining has dots! Dots are happy.
Hope you  had a happy weekend too.   xx debbie

Friday, 22 March 2013

FNSI and Lets Get Stitched

Tonight is FNSI, please join in and sew along.  You can sign up at Heidi's blog.

My plan is to make curtains. Do curtains count as real sewing for FNSI?!  Uggh. And Yuck!!  The cottage needs to be prettied up a bit. I've had 3 sets of mini blinds fall apart on windows that still need privacy.  Making curtains is not my idea of fun sewing, but I just need to get it done!  I even have all the fabric here already.  I will NOT be showing a before picture.  I need to think of a yummy snack to get me through this ordeal though haha!  Maybe if I put the curtain promise in writing I will stop procrastinating....

Back on the 7th of March,  dear De and I flew to Adelaide for Let's Get Stitched.

I want to say a special thank you to De and her hubby for all they did to make this trip possible for me.  Due to my health, I could not have managed the long airport walks and moving a heavy  suitcase by myself.  De's hubby (Greg)  provided us with safe transport and De provided the physical help I needed so I could go on the trip too.  Greg  also  came to the cottage while we were away and did the final preparations to make my yard secure so I can start being a Guide Dog foster mum soon.   Thank you both for always being there for me.  Please know I am grateful.

It was a super fun weekend!  I can't decide which part I liked best.  It was so nice to see friends again that  I met last year at the Tassie meet.  I met sweet Vicki of The Pickledish Patch last year, and was so happy to see her again.  She gave me LOTS of hugs and she even cut my hair. Thank you Vicki.  
I loved the quilt shop bus hop.  We went to some gorgeous shops and our bus driver was friendly and funny.  Joy  is always fun too.  I first met her in Tassie, then at a Brissie blog meet, then in Adelaide.  She has such a sunny personality.    Fee was very inspiring.  She was right into stitching An Angel Story.  I brought my book and fabrics for same  with me and I even did some prep work and stitching on two blocks.   Here is Pot Plant Penelope with some stitching done.  I was able to find a charm pack that has been on my wish list for at least four years called Beach House by Moda.  I was so happy that I broke in to it straight away and used some for Penelope's dress.

I would like to say another  thank you to Dawn for all she did to plan this trip.  It is clear she must have spent a lot of time sorting things. Thank you Dawn, I enjoyed every moment!
I came home with lots of goodies.  It's a good thing I chose the larger suitcase! Thank you to all the designers who shared their new patterns and taught new skills. 
I have a little story to end this post.  It is a bit odd, but oh so cool too. It might even make you smile!  Back in 2004, I still lived in USA, but I  had many years  before that  made the decision to move to Australia when I could sort out all the immigration stuff.  In the meantime,  I joined an online craft club/forum  (not sure what year we started),  that was  connected to Express Publications, (they publish the Aussie quilting magazines),  and this gave me a chance to make new  Aussie friends.    We in the forum starting doing swaps.  I was happy I could still join in even though I lived on the other side of the world.  It was so fun  to get mail all the way from Australia!  Anyway,  for the swaps, there would first be a theme ( I remember Kitchen,  PETS,  Where I Live, etc...)  and then partners, deadlines, etc.
Ok, switch to March 2013, Let's Get Stitched in Adelaide.  One night, 20+ of us girls were in the Nutter's cabin and the topic of conversation was storms.  I mentioned that being from Texas, I love a good storm with lots of thunder and lightning (Texas is also part of "Tornado Alley")  and I am rarely afraid, but ex tropical cyclone Oswald caused enough damage at my current home for me to call on SES for help and it also made me cry!
  One of the ladies near me heard me say Texas, which led to talk of  swaps,  and the next thing she said was that she was in the same forum back then and sent to a swap partner in Texas named Debbie.  I think we both worked it out right about the same time...  I knew as soon as she said her name, Gail, who she was, because the table runner she made for me is right beside me every night.  I promised her  I would show a picture, as is, so here it is.  It is covering a not so pretty filing cabinet.   The date is  on the back,  2004!
This picture is for you, Gail. This is how it looks, every day.  Gail and I  had a few tears and lots of hugs.  What are the chances of meeting a swap partner from nearly 10 years ago,  and especially living on opposite sides of the world?     Gail, I still love that table runner, and always have. Thank you. xx