Thursday, 2 October 2014

OPAM, Girl 17

Hi everyone,

I've tallied up my September finishes and this is not one of them :)

I am still hand sewing the binding down.  I will finish up today so I can turn it in to "J" tomorrow.  Her new baby boy is expected at the end of this month and this is for his nursery.

I finished the turtle pincushion. Pattern by Anni Downs.

Fabric by Lynette Anderson.  The turtle is a girl and her name is Millie.

I've mentioned in the past how each of the special dogs is different from the others.  I've decided Girl 17 is my "hoarder" LOL.  She doesn't scatter toys like the others.  She likes to keep all of them in the bed with her.  Teddy is under her head and bunny is just behind her. 

A lady from the special dog place came to take Girl 17 for a walk and this lovely boy came with her and he stayed with me while they were out.  He was a calendar boy last year :)

These are pet collar covers I made for a friend who repaired something for me.  He chose the fabric from my stash.  I used to make these back in the 80's. 

Maree from Sunday Stitchers (ollieandmay)  gave me some hexies she no longer wanted. There were a few flowers and heaps of them ready to be made into flowers.  I made this hexie swag to go above my kitchen window.   Thank you, Maree.

Last, here are some scraps from cutting I did last night.  Any guesses as to what these scraps might be from?  Hint: it is something to go with the thongs in my previous post. 
My OPAM total this month is 6:   Hexie Swag, Turtle Pincushion, 2 Blankets of Love, 2 pet collar covers.   (and most of a quilt, but it's not done just yet)   xx debbie


  1. Well done Debbie... on some wonderful projects.
    Love the "hexie" art work too... you clever girl you! :)

  2. Hi Deb,wow you had a good month your turtle is so cute.xx

  3. Very busy month Debbie. I love the swag and especially your visitor - I can see why he was a poster boy lol xx


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