Friday, 19 October 2012

tiny, tiny, HUGE :| !!!

This is still mostly a sewing blog... but...couldn't resist sharing some pictures.
The tomato plant in the hangy bag thingy from my very first post is nearly done. There are still a few tomatoes left though, but they are ever so tiny!!  
Another  day I was looking for a ruler and heard this crunchy I had a closer look and there were these tiny little eggs!!  Now  I know they are gecko eggs, but I didn't at the time.  It's like I'm stuck in a weird time warp....tiny tomatoes, tiny eggs....Those are one inch markings on the ruler.

Then, a couple nights ago, I was lying on the couch, no lights on, other than the light of the tv.  For some reason, I looked up and saw something on the ceiling.  It wasn't the usual tiny little gecko friend either, it was HUGE!   So I got up, turned all the lights on, went to the other end of the house for the broom, blah blah blah......but first I took a picture!!  This creature is no longer with us.


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