Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Although I have lived in Australia since 2005, I am a native of  Texas, USA.  My parents were childhood sweethearts raised in New Jersey.  When I was a kid, we made car trips from wherever in the USA that my dad was stationed at the time via the US Air Force back  to New Jersey to visit relatives. I vividly remember my little brother getting a spanking for misbehaving on the steps of St Patricks Cathedral in New York City.  I remember when I was young and we visited the Empire State Building and there was lots of drama that day.  Someone was trying to jump! We all thought it was a movie being filmed, but it wasn't.  I remember being gobsmacked that the Statue of Liberty was GREEN in real life!!  Most of all, I remember the Boardwalk, a famous place to wander and eat and go on the rides.  I still have family in Edison, New Jersey, and extended family in the area too.  The photos on the news are painful to watch and I just hope everyone comes through ok.  hugs to all.   debbie


  1. I hope everyone is OK too, Debbie. I'm sure it is very frightening for everyone involved.

  2. scary stuff for everyone involved.

    1. Thanks luvie. I've seen pictures now that show much of the Boardwalk is gone, along with the rollercoaster. Such memories...

  3. Hope the people you know are OK, we are so blessed to live in this country.

  4. Yes it was a terrible storm. Lots of people will need help and support to get over it. SO far, everyone I know is OK.


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