Monday, 24 February 2014

Some Finishes :)

Hi everyone,

There has been lots of stitching here with plenty more on the list!

On Saturday, I finished the mug rug that all the ladies going to "Let's Get Stitched" have been asked to bring along.  The back is fairly plain so we can sign them for a lovely memento of the trip. 

Also for this trip, we were assigned a partner to make a name badge for.  This is the smallest Dresden plate I have ever made.  I will show a few more that I made at the same time further down this post.

I had a goal to have two Blankets of Love ready to take on the trip too.  I've already shown the green one and I managed to make the one on the left last week.  It has a cute baby print with bottles, ducks, rattles, etc.

Our stitching group has started a row by row quilt.  We made our own first row with the theme of flowers.  Each month we will have a new theme and each month we make a row for someone new.  We won't see our own rows until the end of the year, as we are sworn to secrecy from now on!

I enjoyed doing all this hand applique with silk thread. It's been a very long time since I have done it that way instead of blanket stitch.  The little Dresdens and  Hexies finish around 3" and the row is only 5 1/2" wide.  I've made several full size Dresden quilts, but  I won't be making any more of those mini Dresdens any time soon.  The little Hexies are the 1/2" size and this was my first time making them that small.  I will definitely be making more of these little flowers because they are so cute!

I eyed this thread with suspicion while remembering not so long ago one of the blog ladies posted a tragic picture of a beautiful stitchery she had done, only to have the dye run all over her project.  This is from a variegated collection of 12 DMCs that I've had for years.  I want to do a small stitchery and sew  it onto  something I wash  a few times a year, so....

I pinned it to some fabric scraps and put this and a colour catcher into a lingerie bag.  Then I put that into a regular wash in the machine. I wanted it to be exposed to laundry soap and several rinses just  as it will be after I stitch with it.

Here is the final result.  I was so happy it didn't turn in to one giant knot LOL.  The colour catcher was a shade somewhere between pink and lavender.  The thread  label says  "colourfast dyes".  Hmmm.... The DMC number is 4210 and the last picture shows the truest colours.
That's all for now xx debbie


  1. your mug rug and badge look fantastic Debbie and love your flower long block and well done with your blankets of love.xx

  2. Oh I didn't realise you were coming to LGS How exciting I will get to meet you
    Love your name tag

  3. Great mug rug and badge Deb. Well done with the Blankets of Love. Hugs.....

  4. Lots of progress there Debbie. Cute name tag as well...

  5. Your sewing is just lovely.

    And thank you for the heads up about not being able to comment over at my blog. Blogger is having issues right now.

    Have a great day!

  6. Those colour catchers are sure worth having, and boy have you been busy, I like your row by row.

  7. Lots of beautiful pics here Debbie - and as for that thread, what a super-smart idea to pin it and wash it as you will when it's part of a design... I do use that colour and thankfully won't be washing it, but still it's good to have read this, in case I ever need to draw on your wisdom!! x

  8. Nearly time to meet you in person. Can't wait

  9. Love the row by row and all your blankets of love. I've learned the hard way to use colour catchers they're amazing. xx


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