Friday, 28 February 2014

Travelling Treasures

Hi everyone,  next month will be the one year anniversary since I started Travelling Treasures. It has been a lot of fun tracking where the parcel goes once a month and seeing how much it has changed.
Thank you to everyone who has played along nicely and sent TT along as per the guidelines.

The giveaway is done on the second Tuesday of each month.  I always email the winner to introduce myself and do a post on my blog around the middle of the month to offer congratulations.  I needed to update my blog with the new winner and I couldn't find the information on the previous winners blog, so I emailed her to ask.   The reply I received yesterday said she is going overseas this morning and will be gone for a whole month.  She did not choose a winner a couple of weeks ago and so the parcel still has not been passed on.  I asked her to mail the parcel to me when she reaches her destination so I could do the giveaway for her, and that won't be happening either.

So, I am sad to tell you that there will be no winner for February.  It appears nothing will be happening until the end of March, so the next earliest chance to win will be April. *sigh*   I need some stitching therapy now.  xx debbie


  1. That is a bit sad - hopefully you can get it going again without anymore drams!! Enjoy your sewing!

  2. Hi Deb, yes I read that on her post yesterday. I'm sure the month will go quickly and it will be back on track then. Hugs......

  3. That is sad when someone doesn't follow the rules it's not fair on the other people that play,what a shame I will keep my eye open for it in April,well done my friend.xx

  4. Sigh - plans don't always go to "plan".


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