Friday, 2 May 2014

Dinosaurs & FNWF

Hi everyone,

Both dinosaurs are finished now, happy dance!  I was worried about doing the boy dinosaur because of the tiny bits on his "hands" and "legs", so I asked for advice and several bloggers gave me some tips:  Go slow, and experiment with stitch width and length. I have learned so much from others, so thank you, each of you for your help.  My confidence with machine applique is slowly growing now.

I did plenty of samples to find the right combinations. I also tried out some other stitches for the first time, and I liked this stitch for the eyes, so they are done by machine too.

I want this quilt to have a touch of whimsy, so the girl has a bow and some red lipstick now.

Now that the dinosaurs are done, the next step is to add the blue and brown patchwork rows above and below.  Maybe tomorrow... I want to look at something else for awhile.

Tonight is FNWF hosted by dear Cheryll.  There is still time to sign up over at her place.  I think I will put on my fave BeeGees cd and work on the plates I showed in my previous post.  I had enough fabric to make 6 more plates  to go with the first 5. I cut the remaining fabric into 4" squares to have on hand as leaders and enders.  Cya tonight then,  xx debbie


  1. Those dinosaurs are looking fantastic - the stitching is going VERY well!

  2. They look wonderful. Stitching is going great. Hugs,xx

  3. I love your dino's...the stitching looks perfect... I have learnt so much from other bloggers too...

  4. Well Done. I am terrified of machine blanket stitching. I tried once and it was dismal! love the whimsy!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. Debbie... those dinosaurs are brilliant!! Love the fabrics you are using for the piecing too.... it's going to be a terrific quilt.

  6. Ooh
    Hope he wasn't forgotten at FNWF?

  7. Great job on the stitching Debbie - yes sometimes it's a good idea to have a play with the stitches just to make sure you're happy with the look... very quirky dino's!


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