Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bring a Plate :)

Hi everyone,

I still have plenty of ambition these days, and still can't stay on just one project!  I really should be working on some stars for the row by row quilt, but there is plenty of  time.... I've finished putting the binding on both the scrappy quilt and the blue and white quilt. Still deciding whether to sew them down by hand or machine. I don't mind doing either method.

  I very much  needed to  sort my fat quarter collection.  I think they will be much more usable if they are in some kind of colour order and I really want to make better use of my stash.  I needed to make a stack of  "brights" and then the hot pink and teal started calling out to me...I tried to ignore them, but I couldn' this happened.

I don't usually work with brights much, but I do have some to pick from, so will be using them more now that I can see them much more easily. I've always liked hot pink and teal together.

See the fabric stack behind the plates? That is meant to be six fat quarters together, but one of the fabrics I thought was a fat quarter was a skinny quarter instead.  I traced one row of slices from left to right last night.  This morning I sewed all the slices and made five plates.  As you can see by how much is left on that pile, I could have done at least two more rows, maybe three, if all six fabrics were fat quarters.  Because the one is a skinny 1/4,  (9" x 42")   I will only be able to cut one more row.
Those are my super good scissors and they were able to cut through all six layers at once, amazing!

While I was ironing the plates, I saw the binding for the dinosaur quilt waiting near the iron.  It was all made,  just needed to be folded and ironed, so I did that too.  I've got the rows mostly done for that quilt and here is a look at the backing, a nice shade of blue. 

The first dinosaur has been done for over a week.  I've been having a hard time getting started on this second one.  I am worried about doing the mouth, hands, and those little things on the legs.  I still could cut those little things on the legs off...LOL.  I'm scared. I'm still in the kindergarten phase of machine applique..  That's all for now.  I need to sort at least one of those quilt bindings so I can call it a finish for OPAM.  xx debbie


  1. Leave the dinosaurs feet things, they look neat. Machine applique is easy if you go slowly around the tricky bits. sometimes I am sewing ONE stitch at a time so I don't go over. It's fun and worth it.
    I love the bright Dresden Plate blocks. Dresden plates... hmmmm.... I seem to remember a quilt I'm supposed to finish with Dresden Plates!

  2. Wow Debbie you've achieved a lot (must have been the day for sorting fat quarters that's what I started today too LOL). The hot pink and teal really pop. I'm with Chris H leave the feet things - they need them to balance..

  3. Love the plates = well I know you would know that I would.
    Go slowly around the bumps - you could reduce the stitch length if you like...that will help too (the one on the right!!!) and even the width if you like...give it as try..

  4. How pretty...I love your color combos! I know nothing about quilting or what a fat quarter or skinny quarter is... but I sooo wish I could quilt!!! xo

  5. Ooh, I love your dresden plates. I agree with the others, leave the bumps, go slowly and reduce the stitch length and width if you need to as you do those fiddly bits.


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