Sunday, 4 November 2012

I didn't sleep so well...

Last month,  I posted this picture and story about how I was lying on the couch half asleep one night  when I looked up and spotted this up near the ceiling  by the light of the tv. 

I turned on all the lights, chased it with bug spray, and finally it gave up.
Yesterday morning,  I spotted this in the shower.  Well, this is what is left of it now.

I grabbed the closest aerosol....air freshener.... which didn't faze it, even trying the drowning method.  So, I grabbed the hairspray and saturated it.  By this time, I  was so distressed, I went to the kitchen to try to calm down and wait for the hairspray to dry.  Some minutes later, I went back to remove it and it was GONE!!  There was a sundress draped on the side of the tub, so I flicked it, and this creature came flying out of the tub across the floor straight for me.  I sprayed and sprayed more hairspray until there was a dinner plate sized area surrounding it, which finally stopped it.  I then started thinking, "hmm, I wonder if these are those famous "huntsman" spiders I have heard so much about".  
So, I "googled".  BIG mistake.   I found this  video on YOUTUBE, credit to LEOKIMVIDEO.
This guy has lots of spiders at his house and has posted lots of other spider videos, if you care to explore his world further :)
When I looked up "huntsman", it said they are common in my region, they come out when the weather starts to warm up, and they are super fast.  I've also heard they can be as big as dinner plates here in Australia. shivers!!! This 3 inches was more than big enough for me!!  I am presuming that's what these are...does anyone know for sure?  debbie


  1. Sure does look like a huntsman. I'm not keen on them - but at least they wont hurt you - though no doubt you would scream your head off if one came too close. Try pest spray next time- its more effective thats for sure.

  2. I haven't tried it myself, but apparently spiders don't like Peppermint essential have bought some to deter spiders coming inside my place....I hate the horrid things....if they actually did eat all the mozzies people tell me they eat, why do I keep getting bitten by mosquitoes? lol

    I'm guessing you would put some of the peppermint oil on cotton balls and wipe down areas where they might make an entrance. If I ever try it out (I have no excuse, I bought a bottle of essential oil) I'll let you know if I think it works. If it doesn't, I guess the worst thing (being sarcastic) is my house will smell like a Mintie shop lol

    Naomi who came here from De's blog!


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