Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Stitching and Fresh Food :)

Hi everyone,

There has been some stitching, gardening, and baking over the past couple days.  First up, a Christmas present for a nice friend that helps me out now and then. It will be a present for his first
first new car.  So far, it is just a quilted FQ.  Will post another pic when finished.

De and I have a tradition where we make each other bags for birthdays and dollies for Christmas.  Have also been working on that, but can't show that secret sewing!

A friend mowed for me last week, so I made him banana bread muffins to say thank you.

Since the oven was going to be on anyway, I made myself a loaf of bread.  While the
bread was baking, I picked some tomatoes and repotted a few things.

The next day, I had a very tasty lunch.  I picked some sweet basil, then added that to a bowl of bread, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, and pepper.

Mmmmmm.........can't you just picture how yummy it was?

Ok, last bite,  time to get busy again!    debbie




  1. Your lunch looks scrumptious

    1. Hi Mel,
      It was fantastic! Fresh just tastes good. debbie

  2. Very tasty lunch Debbie. Those muffins look pretty good as well. Look forward to seeing what you make with the quilted fabric. Hugs....

    1. Hi Noela,
      I had to taste test two muffins (not pictured) to make sure they were edible...The bread was good too.

  3. Maybe a cushion/pillow for the car??? How lovely to eat from your own garden!

    1. Hi Susan, That is a very good guess and a good idea too, but that's not what it will be. I will get back to it today and post a picture soon. debbie

  4. I still can't keep up with you though LOL!


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