Friday, 7 December 2012

Ready for Sunday

Sunday will be a much welcome "Brissie Bloggers" meet up in Cleveland, QLD.  We had a very  lovely time  and some yummy  food at our last meet. It was so nice to make some new friends.  There will be others going this time that  I have not met yet, so I will be  happy to make more new friends on the day.  It is also good therapy for whatever life is bringing us at the moment.

I have not sewn a single stitch this week. I woke up Monday with a sore foot, then Tuesday it was much worse so I made an urgent appt with the Dr.   The medicine I got for that made me violently ill. I've lost 2kg this week already. Today I am feeling a little  better and I might even sew a bit tonight.  I know dear De has had a super  crazy week with work and she is SO  ready for Sunday too.

I've also had contact with two different  Aussie government agencies this week. Both contacts went ok.   One was in person, the other by phone.  I had a Dr appt and a Dentist appt too.  Sunday Fun Day? Yes, please!!

I hope your week has been good! debbie

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