Thursday, 10 January 2013

Butterfly Quilt

I made this quilt back in late 90's, early 2000's maybe...Shame on me for not putting a label on it so I would know for sure. I always label quilts now.
I would love to give credit to the designer, but it's way too hot to search through about a gazillion
magazines to find out, sorry.  I do recall it was from one of the Aussie craft mags.

I would call this a generous lap size. I never follow patterns exactly, so I might have changed the size
along the way.   I made this as a Christmas present for my mom.  I remember taking it with me everywhere,
trying to finish it in time.

The butterflies are all needleturn applique with some backstitch embroidery added. 

The binding is a tiny baby purple  gingham cut on the bias. LOVE!  This quilt is entirely hand quilted
on the go.  No frames or hoops used.   My mom has since passed away, so I have this quilt
back here in Australia with me now.  The colours are much prettier than my little camera shows but
it is oh so special to me to have it here in my home.

See those plant pots in the background? L-R, they are  heirloom tomato, spring onion, heirloom tomato, and capsicum.  Did you ever wonder what would happen if you plant the root part that you cut off when you buy spring onions from the store?  That is what is growing in the second  pot.  The plant is about 15" tall today and growing quickly in this heat. Research is telling me that one can cut off the green bits and more will keep growing!!   Mother Nature is amazing.  I've also had cucumber and zucchini seeds that I only planted 4 days ago that have already sprouted. According to a bit of web searching, both should also do well in the upside down hangy thingys.  Apparently the main point to watch for is to aim for smaller fruits, such as cherry tomato instead of beefsteak, or mini eggplant instead of full size.  I've had bumper crops of cherry tomatoes from the bags so I will be trying some new things soon!   Trying this  will be on my list of things to do next.  It sure is hot here the past few days!!  debbie


  1. lovely colours on yor quilt.I agree with you, everthng is growing quickly at the moment. Sharyn:)

    1. Hi Sharyn, I saw your blog last night (introduced as a new blogger). I was so tired and headed for bed, but did I read correctly that you already had 27 followers? And you are blogging less than a week? YOU GO GIRL!! Please remind me of your blog addy again so I can find my way back and save it. xx debbie and thanks for the compliments. I love trying to grow things, even if it doesn't always work out.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt and I really enjoyed reading about your vegetables.

    1. Thanks so much Mel. The quilt is very special to me because my mom is gone now. I love trying to grow things. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but oh what joy there is to be found in a few seeds and some soil and water! Since I am retired now, I have started watching the rescue dog sites too. I will have a companion soon, I hope. xx debbie

  3. Debbie, it is lovely that you have your quilt back and the treasured memories that go with it. Hugs.....

  4. Thanks so much Noela, that was sweet of you to say. x debbie


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