Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

We get that it is summer and is meant to be hot. Point well taken, over and over.
However, it's getting to be a bit much!   There are fires everywhere and so many brave
souls risking their own safety to try to put them out. It's so smoky, it wakes us up from a
sweaty sleep. We have sore throats and watery eyes.  Those of us that still have our homes
worry but are grateful we are still ok.  It's been smoky for over a week, and those firefighters
must be getting awful tired too.  Please consider sending some rain for relief to people, plants,
and animals.  And please send a few days where the temps start with a "2" so we can have
a break and recover a bit.  Thanks.  My thoughts are with those less fortunate and I am grateful
I am still safe.   debbie


  1. We are lucky here in Victoria it's cooled down. I hope some relief comes to you soon

  2. Thanks Mel. I read an article online about how much loss the cattle stations in FNQ have sad. debbie


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