Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stitching, Quark,& Grasshoppers

Hi everyone,

Still's meant to be hotter today than yesterday.  I wanted to get a couple things done this am while I can still move around!!  First up, last night's stitching.  I watched a couple DVDs and worked on these:

I've made a start on my Valentine's Initial Heart swap.  It's a pleasure to stitch!

I stitched a little more on Pot Plant Penelope. This is only my first block, but I've wanted to make this quilt for years. I'm hoping having some prep work done on a few blocks will make it easier to pick up and stitch a little here and there.  I originally did needle turn applique on this block but I have since removed it and will change over to blanket stitch.  Now I need to pick out fabric for her clothes again.

One blog I read pretty much every day is Down To Earth .  Rhonda gives so much useful information about gardening, living simply, spending less, and making things at home. What a treasure! I saw this recipe on
her site ages ago, so I've set it up this morning.

I've never heard of quark (it made me think of Mork and Mindy) LOL, but she says it is similar to cream cheese but with a slight tang.  Once ready, it can be dressed up either sweet with fruit and honey, or savoury with chili flakes, herbs, garlic, etc. It can be eaten with toast, crackers, veggies, whatever you like.

Here it is ready to go in the fridge.  A twin pack of small "bricks" of cream cheese was  well over $7 the
last time I looked. This one L tub of Greek Yoghurt was $5.45 at my local shop.  I used half, which looks to be a similar volume to the twin pack of cream cheese.

Last night I went out to water those gorgeous heirloom tomato plants and I saw baby grasshoppers :((
So, I googled how to make pesticide spray at home.   The recipe I chose was simple. I used:

Super hot chili powder, garlic liquid, some dishwashing liquid, and water.  I don't want my plants to soak up whatever is in store bought pesticide spray because I plan to eat those tomatoes!  I'm guessing a bottle of it would be between $5 and $10  anyway.  This was virtually "free" because I had it all here.  So, for about 15-20 minutes prep time,  I saved  over $10 this morning.   I already sprayed the grasshoppers and tomorrow I will have a tasty treat.  (cheese, not grasshoppers!)  Bonus,  I didn't have to go to the shops either.  Hope your day is good :)  debbie


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    1. Thanks Mel, I love trying new things and being frugal. It's so interesting how many things we can make ourselves instead of buying chemicals at the shops. debbie

  2. Loved reading your post. I have seen that done before so hope your yoghurt turns out okay. Your prep work for your stitcheries is looking good. Hugs ....

    1. Hi Noela, I bought the yoghurt this time, but next time I go to the major grocery store I will get what I need to try making that at home too. The recipe I have suggests powdered milk added to milk and a yoghurt starter to make a thicker yoghurt. I don't have powdered milk yet. The quark is tucked safely in the fridge...yum... can't wait to try it. debbie

  3. How was the quark Debbie? I loved reading this. I work for a dairy cooperative (Land O'Lakes) and have been involved in a project to launch a new, thick, creamy yoghurt that is based on The Collective yoghurt from NZ. I want to try to make some yoghurt myself someday.

  4. The quark was delicious and I plan to make it regularly from now on. For just a few minutes prep, it is a big money saver over buying cream cheese. I have a simple recipe to make Greek yoghurt and will try that next when I get some powdered milk. The recipe calls for powdered milk,(that is the thickener), milk, and a couple tbs of Greek yoghurt. That's it. debbie


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