Sunday, 2 June 2013

I was only gone 40 minutes!

Today is day 12 since that awful bug came to visit.   I think all the medicine has finally worked.

I woke up hungry so I guess that means I am feeling better!   I planned to make a quick morning trip for some food, petrol, and to return library books that are due Tuesday.  All 3 places are close to each other- first food, then petrol, then Library, a nice easy loop.  
I only spent $40 at the supermarket, just a quick shop to grab a few things to get by.
Petrol was high, so I didn't take time fill up either.
Being Sunday, of course the Library was closed, so that was a quick drop and go.
I know this girl can be naughty, so this time I took extra time to make her a treat (she has a bone that I can hide peanut butter deep inside which is meant to entertain her for ages),   clear the benches, close the bedroom doors, and cross my fingers!
I was only gone 40 minutes and this is what I came home to.
Ewww.....lots of tissues I didn't want to see again... blechhh.
See just in front of the sofa? That is my medication box on the floor.  I took my meds just before I left, so I know for sure that was on the bench in the kitchen!
Too guilty to even make eye contact.   Butter wrapper in foreground.
I found chewed up plastic bags in her bed too.   Naughty girl. Very naughty girl.
Not to worry. I still love her but I'm just not speaking to her at the moment LOL.
Thanks for the get well messages, they worked!
xx debbie


  1. Oh dear - I'm sure you love her - but maybe you won't be as sad to see her go back home??
    Glad you are feeling better.

    1. Yesterday the trainer brought her food since I was too sick to go collect it on the designated day. I was saying to her how perfect she is. That will teach me LOL. She is here for 8 more days. xx debbie

  2. They certainly can get into mischief in a short time. Maybe it could have been a lot worse Debbie. She has that look........wasn't me......... Hugs.....

    1. hmm...I later found she cleared off the bathroom sink, put paws on my sewing machine, and nearly knocked my laptop off it's resting place. Yes, came close to being worse! xx debbie

  3. oh dear... I think you were told off for leaving her alone. She does have a guilty look about her.

    1. I think you are right, she told me right off! lol! xx debbie

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better (here I was thinking I was the only person in the world feeling 'poorly'). I used to have a schnauzer that went through the trash when she got bored - or whenever we left her alone in the house.


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