Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Unlovely New Giveaway

Girl # 2 has been with me for 4 Sundays so far, and  there is one more Sunday  to go until her family returns from overseas and  then she will go back to her regular home on Monday.  She came with two "nappie bags" full of personal items.  She has her own jar of peanut butter (a favourite treat).  I use this to put in her hollow rubber bone for a treat and as glue on bread so she will take her tablets.   She also came with 5 servings of  another treat that her family gives her on Sunday mornings. my house, she had her Sunday morning treat on the FIRST  Sunday only. LOL.
She still gets  her treat, but on Sunday NIGHT  here as my tummy is a bit stronger when I have been awake for awhile.

Where I live, the nights have been cool.  I noticed the girl was curled up pretty tightly, so I covered her up.  When I looked a few minutes later, this is what I saw:

*giggle*.....I guess her nose was cold too.

Anyway, back to the giveaway.   The last time I started a giveaway, it was a guessing game.  I got several comments about how fun the guessing was... so I wanted to do that again.
I didn't want to post "UGLIEST FAT QUARTER" giveaway, so I looked up "ugly" and found "unlovely".   I have this fat quarter that is so unlovely, it hurts my eyes.  It is SO unlovely,  I won't even take a picture to show you, at the risk of breaking my camera.   When I give the girl her Sunday morning treat on Sunday nights, it brings to mind this unlovely fat quarter and gives me the same reaction.  I splutter and moan and groan and carry on and just wish it to be gone.

*disclaimer*  If you are easily offended, please don't read any further. I use a 5 letter word that is gross and starts with V and ends with T.  Ok, then.

To be fair, I will give a description of this fat quarter  first  so you can decide IF  you are brave enough  to enter.  The background is that pukey acid tinged  yellowish colour of breast fed baby poop.  There are accents of teal and blue and even some fairies and cherubs, which I normally like...but not in this example.  There is another colour I can only describe as pale, powdery, peachy, maybe old  prawn vomit.?   All this is accented with lashings of bright purple and a zodiac theme.

Ok...if you would like to win my  most unlovely fat quarter (so I can get it out of here), here is how to enter:
Live anywhere.......I am not fussed where to send it, as long as it leaves soon!!. 
Guess what the Sunday treat is for the girl that gives me the same feeling as the fat quarter.
You can have one guess per day until someone wins.
If you are brave enough, good luck to you! xx debbie


  1. Debbie - love the idea of getting rid of the "unlovlies". I know the answer (you told me the story) so I will the others guess.

    1. aww too bad I told you already could have been the winner! LOL xx debbie

  2. Awwww....that's not a pampered pet oh no!! lol.
    How cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. hi anita, she is my second "foster child". she will be with me until Monday and then someone new is coming, but I don't have details just yet. mostly fun..but not always lol. xx debbie

  3. my dog also snuggles her nose under the blanket when it is cold....
    haha... I am hopeless at riddles.... but I am going to give it a go... one of those rubbery pig ear or bone type thingies the dogs chew and they just turn into giant lumps of snotty sinewy stuff.... (now your stomach really is churning!!!!) ha

    1. hi Fiona, I think your reply is very nearly as disgusting as my description LOL!! I wish that was it so this could be over, but sorry to say, not even close. The good news is that you seem to be the ONLY one to guess so far, so I would say your chances are very good. Please offer another guess tomorrow...please...LOL..xx debbie

  4. My guess is that you have to give her one of those smoked long strings of ox(cow). I don't know which part it is from. My tummy is quite weak in the mornings too.

  5. Carin, that is a fabulously disgusting sounding treat(LOL) but I (thankfully) can't say I have ever heard of that before hmmm....please be brave enough to guess again so I can find a winner. You can try a new guess every day. xx debbie

  6. Hello Debbie,

    Some sort of Offal might be the answer, I know I am covering quite a few body parts here!

    Happy days.


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