Friday, 25 October 2013

Quilting, Girl 8

Hi everyone,

I have finished this quilt that I have made as a favour for a dear friend of mine.

She has done a great job choosing fabrics.  The binding matches so well.
This is a gift for her new baby nephew.
Yesterday I quilted my 3rd and final Blanket of Love for this year.
Here is the back.  The stitching came out so pretty this time.
I have the binding strips cut but not pieced yet. Nearly finished now!
Meet Girl 8.  She is super sweet.  She is my first senior citizen too.
No matter where she lands, this is her fave position.   She has been a working girl her whole life.
She recently turned 9 and she is now retired.  She has multiple health problems too.
This picture makes me smile.  She quickly worked out the coolest place in the house is the hallway.  The back of the house faces east, so there is usually a seabreeze blowing through.
I feel so lucky to be looking after this precious old soul.  I totally adore her.
Sunset 24 October 2013...From my front door.   Anyone sewing with me tonight? xx debbie


  1. What beautiful colours in the quilt! YuM!
    And what a gorgeous girl she is... and so funny AND flexible to be able to lay like that! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by...will get the parcel off to you very soon as I seem to have heaps of mojo lately! The old girl is precious, I am enjoying every single moment. She gets picked up Monday morning :( xx debbie

  2. Oh Deb, she is so adorable. Love that comfy position she favours. Great work on the quilts.
    I will be stitching along with you tonight, probably a bit more of the hand quilting on my Christmas panel.

    1. I just love the colours in your panel and I also enjoy some hand quilting now and then too. Good to hear you were stitching with me! The old girl is a sweetie, too bad I only get to keep her until Monday morning. xx debbie

  3. how adorable is that dog.... I love her froggy pose....
    lovely quilts....

    1. Hi Fiona, she is a gorgeous girl and I am enjoying every single moment I get to look after her. I am already sad she is getting picked up on Monday morning. xx debbie


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