Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Travelling Treasures Winner

The lovely Bev has chosen the October winner of Travelling Treasures.

Sincere congratulations go to Susan.  If you have a moment, check out Bev's blog. She has made a
very special gift for Susan.  I am jealous!  Thank you to everyone who played along.

Here at the cottage, there is still plenty of yardwork happening. I've been trying to do as much as I can before it gets too hot.  I was very sad yesterday I had to dispose of 3 fully mature tomato plants that I grew from seed.  They were loaded with tomatoes that were full of grubs. I've thrown away more than a dozen fruits so far and have yet to eat one myself!! The remaining plants are well sprayed now with garlic and chilli spray and homemade white oil.  I refuse to give in!!  Some things are going well though.   I have had these pretties for lunch the past two days, freshly cut by me!

Spinach, spring onions, rainbow silverbeet.  I added celery, capsicum, and tomato to make a huge salad. Did you know you can plant the roots of spring onions from the store and they will grow?  I have a steady supply now as I can cut off what I want and they grow back.

This is my scrap drawer.  It is only 3 inches deep, but it holds a lot. I promised myself when it got full I would do some cutting and sorting instead of starting another drawer :)  Then I looked around my sewing room (which I never sew in because it is too dark) and I saw little stacks of scraps here and there that had been multiplying when I wasn't looking.  There is no way all of those scraps would have fit in the drawer too, so it was time to start sorting.

There are 30 leftover / orphan quilt blocks on this chair, found in that drawer.  Hmmm......

I have made a huge mess but it is a pretty one. I decided I don't want blocks in every size, so I have limited my cutting to 4" and 5" squares, 2 1/2" strips, and strings. These are the sizes I use most.
I made a bag for each of these sizes to simplify sorting while I am cutting.

This produce bag is nearly full of the crumbs too small to save. The pile is 8" high!

Here is the drawer a few days later...and it doesn't look like I made much progress.  How do you sort your scraps?  Do you set a limit for yourself?  Do you cut many sizes?  xx debbie

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  1. sorting scraps takes ages but worth it... I have to admit I tend to keep a big bin and just sort when I have a particular project in mind... not very time economical!


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