Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day Swap

Hi everyone,

I recently joined in this swap hosted by Jewells. This swap was a challenge to send any 9 items, each starting with a letter in Australia.  Thank you Jewells for offering  this swap.
My partner to make for is a lovely lady called Sharmayne and you can find her here.   She was new to me, so I had a look at her blog to see what she might like, and the first thing I saw was a chicken!! :))
I think she has since redecorated her blog a bit, but anyway...
I had fun choosing things to make (with some ideas from friends to help).
A:  Apple fabric
U: Umbrella (I made a tea towel appliqued with a roo holding an umbrella and a chicken)
S: I traced the "S" letter from Michelle Ridgway for Sharmayne to stitch however she likes
T: Trinket box or thread catcher made up in Aussie fabric
R: a spool of ribbon
A: Animal- I made a sachet filled with cinnamon and cloves from chicken fabric
L: some cream colour lace
I: I made a charm strand of beads that spells out "Inspiration"
A: I made a cross stitch with two angels holding a house with a ribbon for hanging.
Sharmayne sent me the sweetest message to say how much she likes the things I made. Thank you, Sharmayne, it is nice to have you as a new friend.
The lady who made for me is new to me as well. Her name is Carol and you can find her  here.
Here are photos of what Carol sent to me:
Pink sheer fabric, red ribbon, pastel lace, mint green lace, a paper scented sachet.

An apron and 3 pieces of fabric.
A coaster, a plastic bag with a zip that says "Ohh la la Paris", and a hexie mug rug.
There was also a packet of Tim Tams and gummy lollies.  Thank you, Carol.
I am off to have a lovely day sewing and definitely enjoy this much cooler weather!  xx debbie


  1. Very clever interpretation of the letters Debbie

  2. Thank you for participating in the swap.. looks like you sent & received some lovely goodies..

  3. A fun swap - and lovely gifts both coming and going!!

  4. Hi Debbie, I am still loving the gifts you sent......the tea towel is right this minute on my dish drainer........and I am still the chicken It's fun getting to know you better
    Hugs sharm


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