Thursday, 9 January 2014

Stitching Stuff, Girl 11 update

Hi everyone,

There has been plenty of stitching happening here at the cottage.

First up, two trinket boxes. One is for a swap and one for the present box.

Two more, one just because, for a dear friend who always brings me little presents when she stops by.  She loves these bright colours.  The second is for the present box too. This fabric is so bright, it seems to have even blinded my camera a bit haha.

A little sneak peek of some cross stitch on pretty sparkly fabric.  This is also for a swap.

This is the sweet dolly that dear De made for me for Christmas.

A friend recently found an old wooden ladder for me that I will use to display some of my many dolls.  I just need to clean it up a bit first and then this pretty girl will look great on display there.

This is the doll I made for De.  He is a boy bunny from an old pattern I have had for a long time.

I was really happy that his face turned out well.  He seems like a sweet guy!

We have had some very hot days lately.  Girl 11 planted herself in front of the tower fan.

She likes a nice cold carrot for a special treat on a hot day.

She makes a bit of a mess, but it doesn't worry me at all.
She eventually cleans up every last scrap.  She goes to the Vet on Monday, so I am pretty sure
she will be flying back home to her "Dad" very soon after.  He has been struggling using his white
cane for the past month while she has been away and I know he is very anxious for them to be reunited.   I will be happy for them, but I will be sad to see her go.  She is such a gentle soul.

The very hot weather has eased for now, but it is still quite smoky here.  The fire at Stradbroke Island has been burning since it was started by lightning nearly two weeks ago (as of Sunday).  The local paper said it might burn for another two weeks.   On the hottest day, my digital kitchen thermometer recorded a new record for me:  36.4 C.  That translates to 97.5 F.  Tonight there is a nice cool breeze, but the smoke is thick and my eyes are stinging...ahhh well, it could always be worse.  That's all for now. xx debbie


  1. I just love the fabric in that first pair of buckets - so Aussie! Your dolls look amazing - it must get harder each year to select a new one....

    1. Thank you Susan, I am having fun matching the outside to the linings too. I hope my swap partner likes it! The dolls are always fun too. xx debbie

  2. what beautiful work you have been doing Debbie love the tilda dool and rabbits too,how cute is your girl,have a wonderful day my friend.xx

    1. Thank you Shez, I am enjoying keeping busy, it keeps me off the streets HAHA. xx debbie

  3. your pressie box is going well so early in the year... lovely boxes and you and De gave each other such lovely dolls....
    keep cool... we are so much cooler here today....

  4. Thanks Fiona, I see you are keeping busy too! The weather is so much nicer now. Hope you got a bit of rain too. xx debbie

  5. Love both the dolls. It will be lovely to have them displayed on the ladder. Girl 11 looks very settled and content. So funny she eats carrot for a treat. Our dog will pick out and leave even the tiniest piece of carrot - we cant trick her into eating any vegetables - harder than getting a child to eat.

    1. That is so funny about your dog, she must be very clever! xx debbie

  6. wow these all look awesome love the fabric follower
    hugs xo

    1. Thank you Lisa, the fabric boxes are fun to make and pretty easy too. I hope to use some for gifts but I really like them for myself too haha. xx debbie


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