Friday, 24 January 2014


Hi everyone,
I am joining in FNSI, hosted by the lovely Wendy.  I find these sewing nights to be very inspirational and I hope you do too.

I've been going well on my pressie for the Initial Heart Swap. 

I am nearly finished with the cross stitch part.  This will be attached to something else and I have those pieces cut out and ready to sew too. It will all come together quickly after I finish this little bit.  The lady this is going to has turned out to be a lovely new virtual friend over the past few months, and I am so enjoying making this especially for her. 

Some months back, I asked dear Cheryll if she was going to "Let's Get Stitched" in Melbourne.  Aside from hoping to meet, I wanted to know if I could bring some Blankets of Love with me so I could save paying the postage.  Cheryll  said she would be seeing some of the ladies that are going soon after, and she is sure they would be happy to deliver to her for me. :)

Last year I learned how to do 1/2 square triangles a different way by watching a video by Missouri Star Quilt company.  I started with a charm pack of blue and white fabrics and cut plain white squares the same size.  I sewed 1/4 inch seam around all four sides, right sides together.

Two quick slices diagonally at each corner magically gives four 1/2 square triangles pairs, already sewn.  I have arranged these into a pinwheel, but there are plenty of other ideas to try hmmm....Anyway, I will do some slicing tonight and make a good start on a Blanket of Love or two. 
Girl 11 has been gone now for nine days and I miss her terribly.  I've had an update though:  her person is SO happy to have her back home and  they have been having lots of cuddles.  He is also happy to put his white cane away now that she is there to guide him again.  This makes me happy too.

xx debbie


  1. So pleased to hear Girl 11 has settled back home (still sad for you though). I'm going to give the 1/2 square triangles a go.... Your's look beautiful XX

    1. I really did miss her last night as she usually watched me sew from her bed *sniff*..hopefully another will come along soon. I really like this method for the triangles as it eliminates the extra step of drawing lines onto the fabric. Let me know how you go with it! xx debbie

  2. Sounds like a great FNSI for you Deb!
    Me too! :)

    1. I enjoyed stitching along with you, so happy you got heaps done too! xx debbie


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