Saturday, 1 March 2014

OPAM for Feb

Hi everyone,

I'm happy I had two more finishes by last night to add to my list.  Spending all day with all these dots nearly made my eyes pop though :)

This dress was a WISP.  I liked it until I made the neckline following the pattern instructions.  The  paper pattern neckband was barely 1 1/2 inches wide, single layer.  The instructions were to iron under the seam allowance on one long side, attach the band to the dress, then machine stitch it down.  I just didn't like the look. It was too thin to go over the gathers in the front and it wasn't long enough either without stretching it to death.  So it was filed away until I could face it again.  I worked on it yesterday experimenting with different lengths of neckbands made from muslin. I finally made the neckband longer and doubled it  like quilt binding (haha) so it would have a bit more body. I hand stitched it down and then moved on to the ruffle.   Hard to see, but the first pic is the neckline, second pic is the ruffle.

I made the dress as shown on the model, but with short sleeves.  Making and attaching the ruffle  was smooth and easy compared to the neckline dramas.  See how short the dress is on the model? I made it that same length because I am vertically challenged and I wanted mine to be knee length.  Turned out just right :)

I also needed a new luggage tag for the trip next week, so I made this  too.  The backing is some pretty purple Sandcastle fabric and it is layered with batting.    My OPAM for Feb is  7.   I've already shown pics of the previous items.   It feels like my total should be 70 though with all the cross stitch, paper piecing, applique, quilting, stitching, and clothes alterations I have done in February!!  xx debbie


  1. well done with your finishes Deb and your dress sounds nice,i love the pattern,see you soon my friend.xx

  2. Well done with working out the neckline with a quilt binding!!! Love it

  3. Well done Debbie - way too technical for me I would have given in and refashioned it into something else. xx

  4. That looks like an adorable little dress. Bravo to you for plowing through those difficulties!...Adorable little luggage tag too! xo

  5. Gorgeous fabric for your dress, and I love that tag it so adorable.


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