Friday, 11 July 2014

Apples and Travelling Treasures

Hi everyone,

I've been working on several projects this week. I do a few minutes on each here and there.

I've been wanting to make an apple quilt for a long time now.  Although I have made many quilts over the years, I've never made a snowball block before.  I followed a pattern for the snowball part.

The top section and the leaves I made up myself.  Once I applique the leaves and tidy up the edges, I will work out how much I want to add to the sides to make them into squares.  Then I will make patchwork squares the same size.  I will applique the leaves by machine next.  I am just making it up as I go.

I usually only work on this at my monthly stitching group, but it has been calling to me lately.  I have a jelly roll that I think would go well with this, but I won't be making it as shown on the pattern by Anni Downs.  I have a Natalie Bird bag pattern that I might use instead :) There are a few flowers left and this will be finished.  I used DMC 4210, it is variegated and one of my favourites.

I've also been working on hexies for the row along quilt. I have made 30 so far and that is not enough.  I think I will modify my original idea a bit....still a secret for now though.

It has been very cold lately. Boy 14 is from FNQ, so I think he is really feeling it.  I tucked him in with wool blankets above and below him.  He didn't move when I turned the light on for pics!

I hope you will leave a guess for a chance to win Travelling Treasures.  I would love to see more bloggers playing along.  To win,  just reply with a guess for how much Boy 14 weighs.   The hint is that he weighs more than half of what I weigh.  You can read more in my previous post.  xx debbie


  1. Your apples look fabulous. Can't wait to see more.

  2. That Apple Quilt is going to be stunning! I love making things up as I go too!
    Thank you for such a lovely comment about my Dresden Plate Quilt too... I'm in love with it!
    Awww Boy 14 looks so cute tucked up in bed! I think he weighs about 30 kilos. I think that is about 66 pounds.

  3. Nice looking apples
    Boy 14 looks so comfy and warm
    Lucky him to come to you

  4. Love your apple quilt Debbie. Aww boy 14 looks so warm & comfy there. Hugs,xx

  5. Your apples looks yummy enough to & will certainly be lovely when completed. Boy 14 looks VeRy cosy! :)

  6. He looks so snuggly and warm - perfect for the weather down here too ...


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