Monday, 14 July 2014

Travelling Treasures Winner

Hi everyone,

The Travelling Treasures guessing game ended last night.  There were some great guesses for Boy 14's weight.  Just a little info first though....When a new foster dog comes to me,  they always have an appointment with the Vet for a health check first.  On the day they arrive, they come with whatever items I will need, such as food, medications, bedding, whatever.  They are all weighed just before they come to determine what their diet will be while they stay with me.  They also come with paperwork that tells me their individual quirks or habits, their birthday, current age, and weight.

This isn't Boy 14, but this picture came in my email and I thought it was super cute!!

Anyway, according to the official paperwork,  Boy 14's weight is 39.9 KG.  Translated on my phone, this is 87.96 pounds.  The previous 13 dogs have all weighed around 29-33KG, so he is by far the largest visitor so far!!

This is another cool picture that was in the same email. Love it :)
I would like to congratulate LisaV in Perth.  Lisa guessed 39KG which was the closest to his actual weight.  Lisa, please email me with your details and I will post the parcel to you by Friday.
Thanks to everyone who played along. Hopefully, Travelling Treasures will go smoothly from now on.  xx debbie


  1. what fun congrats lisa,well done Deb on getting it running again.xx

  2. That is a big weight. So pleased they are well trained as he would knock you over if he jumped up on you. Those dog pics are so cute.

  3. YAY!!! Gosh I'm usually shocking at those kind of guessing games.
    I have sent you an email Debbie, thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Oops, and I forgot to say Well done to Lisa for such a close guess.

  5. Congratulations Lisa - it certainly is a package full of treasures - the hard part is deciding what to keep and what to send! Love the photo of the pooch on the washing basket xx

  6. Congrats to Lisa, have fun with the travelling treasures.

  7. Congrats Lisa... well done on guessing almost right! lol


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