Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Travelling Treasures Time at Last!

Hi everyone,

I am excited to let you know the Travelling Treasures parcel  is ready to travel again.  We had a rough patch earlier this year, but it's finally time to get the parcel on the go at last.  There are some nice goodies in the current parcel.

If you don't know what TT is, you can read my original post  from March 2013 here.   As TT grows, there has been a need for a few tweaks to the guidelines.  If you have any questions, please ask :)

TT is now limited to Australia residents only, because of postage costs. 

Please be an active blogger so you can offer the giveaway and let everyone know who won.

The due date to announce the giveaway is the second Tuesday of the month.

The parcel needs to be posted to the winner  by the 20th of the same month so they will also have time to choose what to keep and send on in time for the next person.

You can choose randomly or do a fun guessing game, up to you!

You can choose to keep what you like from the parcel and add back equally nice things to make it fun for the next person.

I have 3 requests:  1. Have fun both taking and adding. 2. Please keep on time with offering giveaway and posting to the next person. 3.  Please email me with a quick update.   That's all!

Have a good look at Boy 14.  He is long, tall, and has a big head....For a chance to win Travelling Treasures,  I am accepting guesses for his weight.  It doesn't matter if you are over or under, the closest guess will be the winner.  You have until Midnight Sunday night AEST, 13 July.

Here is your hint: he weighs more than half of what I weigh.
No idea how much I weigh? There is a picture of me here. .  I am the one with the most buttons!

xx debbie


  1. YAY good to see the TT back up and running again.
    I am no good with guessing sizes or ages, so I am going to submit 39kgs as my guess, as he looks more chunky than my dog and he is around 20kgs.

  2. I was going to say about 40 kgs but Lisa has guessed nearly that so I will say mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do not have any idea Maybe 35kg

  3. Hi Deb good to see TT up and running again,lots of fun to be had,have fun with your new boy.xx

  4. Your fur baby is so cute.

  5. I'll guess 45kg but I ve already had it so best to let someone else share the fun!


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