Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Special Gift & It's a GIRL!

Hi everyone,

I recently received this  cute little stitchery from my dear friend Mel.  Mel and I have not met yet, but we have become good friends through email. We seem to have the same taste in fabrics, we both love dogs, and we have plenty of other things in common...the emails can get pretty long :)

You might remember Boy 14 from July of this year.  He was the naughty one I told you about that didn't care to sleep in the dog bed. The beds here have quilts on them and I was saying how the one quilt was covered with Black Lab hair.  Dear Mel made this cute little stitchery for me to remember Boy 14 by.  He is adorable done in black thread and holding a quilt!  I added the ribbon and it is on my fridge now where I see it every day.  Thank you, Mel, for this lovely remembrance.

Yesterday, I had a call from the special dog place asking if I would be ready for another dog yet.  Of course!   Meet Girl 17.  She is petite compared to all of the boys I have had lately.  She hasn't been here long but she acts like she has been here forever. She is very mellow.

She barely even looked up when I took the pictures.  She is gorgeous and so shiny! 

She doesn't take up near as much of the bed as the recent boys that have stayed with me :)

I've recently mentioned cutting squares for the next two baby quilts I am making for "J".  She has arranged the squares how she wants them and given me photos to follow for piecing.  I will start on the one on the left first because the baby will be arriving in the next few weeks :) It's good to have everything I need now including batting and fabric to cut for the binding and backing too.

Girl 17 won't be going to work all day like Boy 16 did.  I don't like to leave a new dog alone for the first few days, so I try to finish errands before they arrive.  I made a few stops this morning so I will be able to stay in for now.  When I went for milk and bread, I found this in a $2 bin at the grocery store. It is an air freshener with different shades of gel balls inside. When I went back to the room I put it in, the sun was shining through it...such a simple thing, but the reflection really caught my eye!  That's all for now, will show those quilt squares again once I get them sewn to look like the pictures. xx debbie


  1. That is a beautiful stitchery from Mel...she is a lovely person!! Hello to girl 17, hope she settles well.....seems like she has already done so! Lol!! Your baby quilts looks lovely!

  2. I love the sunlight coming through the air's so pretty! :0)

  3. I'm so pleased you like it Debbie. Girl 17 is super shiny and certainly looks like she's made herself at home. Never seen an air freshener like that - the light is very pretty. Your baby quilts are going to keep you busy for a while xx

  4. Girl17 looks very at-home there, Debbie... she knows you're a Dog Person!
    Both sets of squares will make up into lovely quilts, good on you x

  5. HOw lovely of Mel- I think it will be head down tail up for a bit. Hopefully Girl 17 will stay nice & quiet while you sew.

  6. Very cute little stitchery. Girl 17 is gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  7. Hi Deb what a lovely thing for Mel to do its very cute and boy you sure have been busy with your sewing,love your new girl,enjoy your day my friend.xx


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