Saturday, 6 September 2014

BOL, Boy 16, First Kiss

Hi everyone,

Not too much sewing lately as I have had several other commitments and also seem to have a bad case of "spring cleaning" too. (Anyone else detail the entire guts of their vac lately)? I scrubbed the filter with a fingernail brush and cleaned all the other bits I could get to.  I even took the hoses apart and soaked them in a tub of hot soapy water and it was amazing what came out! LOL!

  These are two BOL that will be sent on to Cheryll soon. I just want to do a little quilting before I send them.  Both quilts have the white flannel backing with little blue stars and stormy skies with bunting on the front. The white bunting was given to me by De as scraps from a quilt she made.

This was to be our last weekend together, Boy 16 and I.  I have new neighbours that moved in a few weeks ago and their dog barks a lot. This does not worry me at all as I love dogs and  I am just SO happy to have NEW neighbours :)

Yesterday morning, I let Boy 16 out and of course the new dog went crazy again, but the neighbour was there and talking to her dog trying to calm him. Meanwhile, Boy 16 didn't bark back but he had a crazy fast run around the back yard.  When I let him in, I saw a few tiny drops of blood on the floor so I mentioned it to his trainer when he was picked up soon after.  His trainer said he would take him to the vet right away, which led to  me getting a phone call later saying his foot is bandaged and he will be confined to a small area to rest all weekend. Really?! It only bled for a couple minutes and a tiny bit!  I am so sad...I know I have to give him up next Friday morning, so I was looking forward to having him here all weekend.  :((((
These are all of his toys missing him too.
Sort of wishing I didn't say anything now.
I've recently mentioned that my lawn guy also does estate clean ups. He brought me the gorgeous cot in my previous posts.  He also brought me the pink wooden ladder and was kind enough to cut it in half for me.  The old ladder on the right was brought to me by another friend. All 3 pieces are in need of a good scrub and hosing off and they will soon be displaying quilts, doilies, and dollies here.
Another friend came over last night. We shared a few beers and he admired my rotary cutter, mat, and daylight lamp. (?!!)   He replaced the dowel which is hard to see at the top left of the canopy. This is the only part of the cot that had any damage.  I haven't cleaned the canopy yet.
This guy actually lives with another friend in the house straight across the street from me.  I have had a little mini crush on him for months now.  I knew he would be leaving late September to go work in PNG for a couple months.  When he came over last night, he said they only told him that day that he is flying out early  this morning for 3 weeks to work in the mines there.  Anyway, we had another nice chat while he was repairing the cot canopy on my cutting mat (LOL) and then he had to go. He is building a huge model ship and so would love to have the daylight lamp, cutting mat, and magnifier that I use for stitching.  Before he left, he gave me a kiss :)  I was shocked and didn't know what to say LOL. It's been a long time since I was remotely attracted to anyone...I love being single.  I think he was feeling very shy too.  It was probably nothing more other than a good bye kiss for a friend, as you do :)  Anyway, he is gone for now, and I  am  just a bit sad Boy 16 won't be back until Monday night at the earliest, and my friend not for 21 days!  Happy weekend to all xx debbie


  1. Cute quilt
    Good luck with the little crush Hope it works out xx

  2. Your crib is going to look stunning - I just love your ladders too. Mine is in the kitchen with all the pans hung on it (I'd much prefer quilts and dollies lol). Sorry to hear boy 16 isn't with you this weekend. You really have a great community around... hope it was more than a "friends" kiss xxx

  3. What a lovely news-y post Debbie! I'm sure the Vet is just being extra cautious with Boy16, he'll be missing you too, I'm sure...
    You never know just what might come of that Kiss x

  4. I must admit I have never de-assembled (ort is the term de-contstructed like food??) the vacuum cleaner...maybe I should?. Sorry for Boy 16 but better for him if he needed some vet TLC. Looking forward to he ladder project.

  5. spring is in the air!!!!!!

  6. Look what happens when I go away and leave you to your own devices for few days!


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