Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Boy 16, Turtle, Veg Pie, and Rhonda

Hi everyone,

I was so happy when dear Boy 16 came home from work yesterday. We have been apart since Friday morning!

I think he was happy to be home too.  He played with NEMO for ages (seems to be his fave), and then he cuddled up to his giraffe for a nap.  This picture just melts me :)

He is such a sweetie. The back of his legs look odd because that is a bit of late afternoon sun shining on him.  We will have to say our good byes Friday morning as he continues to pass all of his training. I sure will miss him.  He has been good fun.

I had a letter last week saying the power on my street will be off for 8 hours Monday. Yikes! I am dependent on the power for nebuliser treatments.  The power company suggested I spend the day at the hospital. *NOT*!!  I decided to do extra treatments up until the time of turn off, then make myself sit quietly all day.  I managed to finish all the basting prep for the turtle pincushion by Anni Downs.

The same rainbow silverbeet I paid 50 cents for many months ago is still feeding me and the baby spinach seeds in the next pot are now pretty leaves ready to pick too.

The cherry tomatoes are still coming. That is a jalapeno pepper at the top.  I am not a huge lover of green stuff, but if I chop all those leaves up and make them into an impossible pie with some tomatoes and cheese, that green stuff will be tasty :)
I know quite a few people on my blog list also have this blog on their reading list too.  If you read Down to Earth, you will know her name.  She and husband Hanno have been speaking at libraries in my area. Tomorrow they will be at Redcliffe Library, which is the closest to where I live.  I signed up to attend around 3 weeks ago, and the day is nearly here, at last!  I have been so inspired the past few years by all the simple living things I have learned from Rhonda. I think my favourite of all was learning to make my own yoghurt with no special packets or equipment needed.  I am very much looking forward to this special day.  xx debbie


  1. Does Boy 16 get to take his toys with him? You will be sad to see him go. Hope you get through the day ok with out the power. Your turtle looks interesting...and veges and tomatoes great...I have a spinach that re grows when you pick the leaves....very good!! Am off to the library to investigate this author you are going to listen to. :-)

  2. Pleased he's home and doing well (although sad your days together are numbered). Your silverbeet plant was certainly a bargain. Like kiwikid I'm going to investigate Rhonda Hetzel xx

  3. Hi Deb what a beautiful dog and gee how good is it to get home grown vegies and lucky you getting to meet Rhonda in person,i love her blog.xx

  4. Those impossible pies are great for using a lot of stuff..I hope you enjoy making that turtle - he is very fiddly.

  5. It must be so hard to see the dogs go. Boy 16 is such a handsome fellow. Like Kiwikid, I wonder also if he's able to take his toys with him. I hope so. :)...Your fresh veggies look so yummy. My hubby grew lots of stuff this year. It's wonderful having fresh tomatoes. They're so much better than the ones I get at the grocery store.... Hope all goes okay when they turn your power off on Friday...Have a lovely weekend Sweetie! :)


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