Thursday, 4 April 2013


Hi, it's that time again....Pop over to Cheryll's   to join in the fun.  I am bringing brownies that I will freshly bake in the morning.

Not much stitching happened here this week so I am really looking forward to a night of stitching with friends.  Not sure what I will do yet... I have some WISP's that I could attend to or of course, I could always just start something new LOL!!
I really like this picture. Isn't it sweet?  Love the tiny cup of tea. Used with permission from Connie.
Connie is happy to share any pictures she posts and she posts a LOT of them!  She loves all things pink, sweet, ruffles, flowers,  and lace.  Serious eye candy if you are a girly girl :)
xx Debbie
PS, Congratulations to  Melody  .  She was the first ever winner of Travelling Treasures. I am preparing her goodies to post early next week. This was so much fun for me,  I am already thinking of plans for  another giveaway.
Well done, Melody. 

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