Thursday, 11 April 2013

Travelling Treasures

         Today is the day, the first Travelling Treasures has been posted to dear Melody.   I hope you will find something you like in the parcel.   :)

Today was one of those multiple errand kind of days.  The first time I drove past the Post Office, there were no parking spaces available, so I kept going.    The Library visit went well.  There was a certain book I wanted and the guy was super nice helping me to "order" it.  No idea how long it will take, since the libraries here allow check out for 28 days and another 28 days renewal.

 Next, a major grocery store.  This one has two lanes, maybe 75 metres long, side by side, one to go in and one out, with a concrete island divider.  As I am going out, here comes a car straight at me, as in  *head-on collision*.  There isn't much room to move over and let the car pass, but we both managed with no damage.   Why am I telling you this?    Because out of the 30+ years I have been driving, only 6 of those years have been "driving on the left".    I do ok "out on the road", but I still pay close attention when entering and leaving carparks that I am on the correct side, because it still isn't automatic for me.    Anyway, it was a little old lady and I could see her mouthing "SORRY".
Phew!!!   She was going the wrong way, poor dear.  I was relieved because of course, I thought it was ME lol.   Maybe I should consider one of these:

Last stop, past the post office again.  I ask the (eternally grumpy)  lady for the envelope I want and she starts rattling on about it how it must fit thru her slot, it can only have this or that, and it can't weigh over 500gms, the moon must be full, the tide must be high, and the planets must be aligned before I can use that envelope--- blah, blah, blah.  Ok lady, if my stuff fits in there, I am putting in that box out the front. Thanks!   She always seems to be lecturing me LOL.  I sure live on the edge of the law sometimes :)

This got me wondering, does anyone know how much a fat quarter weighs in grams?  I put in a fq, two patterns, a card, a notebook,  and something else.  I don't know how many grams it ended up being  but it all fit in that envelope.  

I am home safe, in for the day, and looking forward to Sunday, it will be another Brissie area stitchy bloggy meet up.  Always fun.  xx debbie


  1. Oh dear - but at least your grocery incident worked out OK. Posties can be a bit over the top - though I guess its to protect you - as if its not the right size Aust Post can not deliver it and then of course the Post office people get the blame!! Hopefully your parcel will get there safe & sound. Looking forward to Sunday!

  2. glad you didnt have an accident Debbie,i think the post has just gone up again too.xx


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