Friday, 21 March 2014

LGS, FNSI, It's a Girl!!

Hi everyone,

My dear friend De had a birthday this month, happy birthday!  We have had a tradition between us for years that for birthdays, we make bags, and for Christmas we make each other a dolly.  This year,
De asked for something different...she picked a quilt block she liked, and I made it in fabrics I'm pretty sure she would like.  It was fun to change things up a bit, but there was some unpicking with this block LOL.  The directions were from 2002, so things have changed a bit....

Once I worked out how to do the measurements my way, it came together well and I was happy with it.  I think it is called Barn Raising. I don't know why that bottom middle bit looks so off...I don't think it was that bad in person?!, or I would have unpicked it too. I think the bit of cream in the fabric design is what is making it look off in the picture.

Tonight I am joining in FNSI. I've already made some spinach and feta puffs, hope you like them.

This is some secret sewing I need to finish by Sunday for my local stitching group meeting, Sunday Stitchers.  Our leader Maree has found us the nicest venue. It will be hot on Sunday, but the A/C will be on, there is a kitchenette close by, and the ladies will all be stitching. I love these meetings, so fun.

One of my favourite parts of "Let's Get Stitched" was meeting Rosalie Quinlan.  She is such a nice lady. I think she ironed on the design and then signed most everyone's stitchery on the day.  She sat beside me for nearly an hour and she was lovely to chat with.  She won a book with a raffle ticket, then she gave it to me!  Very sweet lady, thank you so much Rosalie.

I've had a call today to let me know I am expecting again.  It's been so quiet around here since dear Boy 12 passed away on the 18th of February.  It sounds like the new one will be a challenge :)
She is only 14 months old, a 30kg black lab who is not passing her training so will be adopted instead.  I've been told she is VERY cuddly and thinks she is a lap dog...I can't wait to meet her on Monday.

A little more secret sewing...isn't the "L" plate just so darn CUTE?!?

See those black clippy thingys? Does anyone know what they are called?  I don't live that close to any spotty stores, and so I was looking on Etsy to see if I could find them there...but no luck. xx debbie


  1. Hi Deb i am sure De will like this and congrats on your new arrival.xx

  2. Great Block Hope we get to see it on Sunday for Show & Tell...
    Your New Puppy sounds like he will keep you on your toes!!! LOL
    till then

  3. What is wrong with calling them black clippy things? Does the rest of the world not understand this? :)

  4. Those clips are called safety or break away clips. Good luck with the future lap dog and happy sewing.

  5. Go De!! a lap dog of 30kg?? eek
    Hope you are just about finished your secret sewing...I just need to add the row to the previous row...Wonder what's next??

  6. How wonderful a new lovely dog will be entering your life

  7. Hello Deb,

    Such a lovely post. Hope you managed to find some of those clips. If you can't find any just have a look in a op shop for some bags or backpacks.

    Happy days.

  8. Not sure but I think we have some at Bayside Deb, I'll check and let you know. Pupper #13 is adorable by the way xxx
    Joy :)

  9. Can't wait to meet your new puppy :) Secret sewing looks very intriguing..............


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