Monday, 24 March 2014

Oh Dear!!

Hi everyone,

Girl 13 arrived a few hours ago...Oh dear!!

I must say she is the prettiest so far: young, super shiny, lean, the picture of health! She is also the
NAUGHTIEST....and it's only been 3 hours LOL.

She has gotten into the bin ...oh several times, at least!

So I sprayed both bins with Eucalyptus...then she followed me to the bathroom, where she found an empty toilet roll.....when I said "out", the official word for "drop it", she raced up and down the hallway as though it was a fun game.

She does seem to like both Bunny and Teddy, but it's hard to get a picture of her...(this is Bunny)

She's young and very active...always on the move.

She couldn't seem to decide between Teddy and the bone either....

She looks quite innocent here...don't be fooled! I am hoping she will be a bit more settled tomorrow. xx debbie


  1. You are one brave lady! And she definitely has a cheeky face! :)

  2. Cheeky but absolutely gorgeous. I think there will be few more exciting posts about her activities

  3. She is definitely beautiful...your so good, I think that you need a medal for all you do.

  4. Good Luck settling her down...she is so gorgeous though.

  5. She looks gorgeous Debbie; she'll certainly keep you on your toes!

  6. Beautiful dog. I hope she has settled down for you. Hugs,xx

  7. OH! She looks like my Sylvester! You are going to have a dickens of a time with her, look at that face?


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