Sunday, 30 March 2014

Patchwork and Girl 13 update

Hi everyone,

It's finally been a quiet day here, so I have been stitching, cutting, and tracing all day.

Last year, I learned a new way to make 4 patch blocks, so I made heaps of brown and blue ones.
I got them out yesterday because I have decided on a quilt design to use them in.  They were pressed, but I soon found out they weren't squared up yet, so I started trimming.

I used them as leaders and enders while I was working on another quilt top. Here is a pile of 8 patch units sewn together.

I also made heaps of half square triangles earlier this year for this zig zag quilt. It goes in shades of lighest to darkest blues with white.  I never was happy with the size of the quilt top though, so I added a bit to the sides.  Still not happy, I made two more rows today.  There is not enough daylight left to baste it today, but it is all ready now. 

I have an idea to use these dinosaurs with the blue and brown blocks, aren't they cute?!

Girl 13 was picked up by the lady from the special dog place on Friday.  She only came on Monday, but by Thursday,  I knew I could not look after her.  She had too many issues with her manners which I won't get into here, but she was just more than I could handle. She really needs a young, strong, person to tire her out so she doesn't get into so much trouble.  I asked the lady to bring me another dog to take her place, but she doesn't have any older or unwell dogs at the moment, so I will just have to wait.  I'm sad to say it, but I don't miss her at all. I am relieved. :)   xx debbie


  1. Wow a very productive time :) Love the dinosaurs; can't wait to see them on finished. Oh Debbie; that must have been a hard decision but the right one for both of you xx

  2. Don't feel too bad Dog #13 was just not meant to be yours. Lots of interesting stuff happening at your place..

  3. Oh...and that face...she just looks so innocent. Boy have you been busy with the sewing, those dinosaurs are very cute.

  4. yes i agree with Susan and you are very good doing what you do.You sure have been keeping busy Debbie.xx

  5. All those perfect, pretty squares...and cute dinosaurs too. I can't wait to see this finished! Too bad Girl 13 had such behavior issues. Hopefully a new furry friend will come into your life soon. Happy quilting Deb! xo

  6. I love the blocks, the dinosaurs and how sad that Girl 13 was a handful.


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