Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sunday am news, Boy 14

Hi everyone,

You might know by now how much I love dogs and helping the special dog place with foster care.

Tomorrow morning, from around 7am -10am, the channel 9 news will be filming their weather breaks at the special dog place. I'm not sure what all will be happening, but I have been invited to attend from 6:30-9:45.  Then, from 10-3 is open house day for the public.  There will be food, dog demonstrations, booths, wine tasting?!, have your picture with a puppy, etc.  I've been looking forward to this for weeks! It should be a very fun outing.

Boy 14 arrived Friday morning. He is a joy to have around.  He is 8 1/2 years and being retired.  He is also very overweight and so I have instructions for a strict diet for him.

He is a gentle giant, the biggest Lab I have had so far too.

He loves a good game of bunny bowling and teddy toss down the long hallway. He looks like a pony galloping to get the toy. See that chair there, I hold on when he comes running back so he doesn't knock  me right over!

He gets very excited when I play with him. He isn't just heavy, he also is long and tall.   I think a guessing game about his weight will be a good way to choose a winner for Travelling Treasures.
I am expecting him to be adopted to his forever home very quickly.

So, maybe you might like to see the puppies on the news in the am, or even go to their  open house if you live anywhere near Bald Hills.   xx debbie 

ps. The fabric in the first picture is discontinued, but I would love to have more. I think I got it at one of the shops in Melbourne at LGS. If you have any or know who does, please let me know, thanks.


  1. He looks like a happy boy, Deb. Hope he finds a forever home soon. hugs....

  2. He is gorgeous.....If only I could give him a home.....*sigh*

  3. I hope s not too soon - I am sure you'd like to keep him for a little while.
    No dog fabric here - sorry - could maybe find some with cats?? LOL

  4. He is adorable, such a beautiful face.

  5. hope you have a really fun day...

  6. He's a beautiful boy. Have a fun day out. Hugs,xx

  7. I always love reading about the gorgeous dogs that you care for. He is just gorgeous I'm guessing that he would be about 15kg

  8. Hi Deb your new friend looks very gentle enjoy your time with him,and sorry I don't have or have seen Anyone with this fabric.xx

  9. As much as he needs a permanent home I hope you get to stay together for a while - he looks just perfect. I'll keep a look out for the fabric xx

  10. Hope you had a lovely doggy day today! Boy 14 looks like a bundle of fun.... I'd love to join in a spot of bunny bowling and teddy tossing with him. Hope his forever family aren't too long in coming along. Enjoy..xx

  11. Wow he's a big boy Debbie! all that activity should have him slimmed down quickly...


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