Sunday, 24 August 2014

Birthday Stuff, Boy 16

Hi everyone,

August is my birthday month and it has been very nice. I have been receiving fat quarters in the mail from a birthday swap I am in. The bills still came too, but that can't be helped.

Some years ago, De came to visit me in Texas and we went to a quilt show in Dallas.  This fabric came from that special day.

We have a tradition of bags for birthdays, so I requested the sew together bag this year.  I loved it when I saw it a few months back at Sunday Stitching.  Since I've learned to do paper piecing, I am getting a collection of different sizes and shapes of papers.  This bag has 7 sections inside so it will be great to have all the papers in one place at last.  Thank you De, I love it!!

We also celebrate birthdays with a fq when we meet once a month for Sunday Stitchers.  I made out very well :)  My wish list mentioned Tilda, pastels, Lynnette or Anni,  beachy colours... I love each and every fabric, along with the other goodies...DMC,  Labrador coffee cup, pretty jar.  Thank you everyone. 

This is my first weekend with Boy 16.  He goes to work Mon-Fri and he is gone for over 9 hours. I was a bit worried that he might be bored being home with me and mostly inside due to the rain.  This is how he looked most of Saturday HAHA....I think he was exhausted and ready for a good rest!

It's starting to look a bit like a daycare centre here.  You might remember teddy and bunny, top right, and the little lion king one by the antler.  Friday night, Boy 16 came home from work with this giant giraffe that his puppy raiser started him off with.   He had some serious testing all day Thursday and Friday because he was at that crucial time where he is ready to go to the last and highest level and a new trainer if he passed.  If he didn't pass, he would be withdrawn and be adopted to a regular home.  I am so happy he DID pass and he possibly only has a few more months before being matched with a blind person and being a real working dog. 

This picture is an outtake, but hey, it made me smile, so here it is :)    Anyway, back to the toys: I had the 3 here (they have survived 16 dogs so far).  De and Lynda came over on Friday and we went out for Thai food at a very good place close to me.  We also went to my fave op shop and I bought the red and blue teddy and the nemo toy because I was thinking about Boy 16 and his testing.  Then he came home with the giraffe, so now I have to look where I am walking as they won't be in one place for very long!  

My lawn guy also does estate clean ups. I asked him to be watching for an old wooden high chair.  He said he hadn't seen one, but he had a bed that he was taking to the tip soon. I asked a few questions, which led to him bringing it to me. 

There is also a canopy that goes at one end, but it needs the dowel replaced.  This is the bedding base...I've never seen this kind before.  A lady from the family came along with him and she told me it was brought over in the 30's from Austria to Australia.    I have some orange oil cleaner/restorer so I will show more pictures when it is done.  What a tragedy that would have been taking this beauty to the tip!  It is in fantastic condition and will be perfect for my dolls.    xx debbie


  1. Looks like you were very spoilt for your birthday
    August is my birthday month too
    Love your dog stories and look forward to seeing the bed restored

  2. congratulations to boy 16...he must be one clever least the bills are sweetened with scrumptious fabric.

  3. Lots of birthday goodies... Boy 16 is just beautiful and clever - very spoiled with all those toys.
    Your cot is going to look stunning and your right how could that have been destined for the tip??

  4. Looks like you did have a happy birthday. nI can see the cot coming together with your dolls.

  5. Boy 16 is very beautiful. Glad you rescued the cot, it will look brilliant filled with dolls. Glad to hear you had a great birthday

  6. Happy Birth-month Debbie :) Boy 16 looks like he celebrated with you, lol. Lovely lot of fabric :) What a sweet cot too :)


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