Saturday, 2 August 2014

OPAM, Meet Boy 15 !?!!

Hi everyone,

This month I made snowball apples with applique leaves, a few more Dresden Plates, 51 hexies + secret stuff I can't tell you for the row along quilt,  more hexies and pentagons for the turtle pincushion, and this bag.  The bag is my only finish for OPAM, but I have received some custom orders through my Etsy shop, so I will have more finishes in the coming weeks.

I wanted to use a special button from my dear friend De, but I like to wash my bags and I was afraid I would forget to remove it and it would be ruined.  I am happy with this ladybug button though.

Here is the back of the bag.  I love the handles as they have pellon inside which gives nice body.

I was able to use this pretty print fq from dear Mel K for the lining. I only needed to add the one strip at the top to make it large enough.  There was enough left from the sides to make 2 large pockets (not on the pattern).  I made two pockets this size and then sewed down the middle of each.  The entire bag is also lined in pellon so it stands well.  This is much larger than my usual handbag, so I am not sure if I will use it for that or a stitching project bag.  I am so happy with how pretty it turned out.  Stitchery by Anni Downs, bag pattern by Natalie Bird.

As was the plan, the nice lady from the special dog place came for Boy 14 at 6am Friday.  Imagine my shock when she asked me if I was ready for another one :)   She brought Boy 15 at 6pm Friday.
First, let me tell you she was VERY happy when she came back.  Boy 14  had his health check before she took him to his new home. He came to me weighing 39.9kg, and yesterday he weighed 35.6kg.  I followed his strict diet and he is now at a much healthier weight.  She told me about his new home and it sounds very nice.  I think he will love it there.  I really enjoyed looking after him though.

Meet Boy 15.  He is a Lab/ Retriever cross.  This is what a dog at a healthy weight should look like.  Of all the dogs, this one has the softest fur I have ever felt.  He is like petting a minky quilt LOL.

His nose is on overload in the back yard since Boy 14 was only gone for 12 hours.  He is hard to get a picture of unless he is sleeping because he is always moving!

He came with the deer antler that is in the bed with him.  The special dogs are allowed to have these.  The antlers are collected after they are shed naturally by the deer.  They are also not near as messy/slobbery as rawhide, etc.

My fave picture so far. Don't let that innocent appearance fool you though.  He is only 14 months old and I have been advised not to leave mobile phone, tv remote, or eye glasses within his reach.   So far, I quite like him :)  xx debbie


  1. he looks harmless enough! lovely colour.

  2. Hi Deb he sure is a cutie and boy love your bag.xx

  3. Your bag looks gorgeous!
    And as usual your "boy" steals the heart... :)

  4. love your new bag and it's great you are getting custom orders... new dog looks very sweet..

  5. That bag turned out beautifully! You are right....boy 15 does have a look of my Callie and the same physique. I will send you a personal email soon regards our prior conversation.

  6. Bag is gorgeous and the new dog is sweet.

  7. Love the bag you made! New dog is very cute!

  8. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth :) I'm so pleased you like the fabric I sent and have already used it xx


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