Sunday, 31 August 2014

Scraps, Boy 16, Orange Oil

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday.  The weather where I am is absolutely gorgeous.  Blue sky, fluffy clouds, light breeze...not too hot or too cold:)

My dear friend De recently went to a retreat. While there, she completed a quilt top, and when she came to visit me soon after, she brought me a bag of scraps and asked if I wanted them.   I tried to contain my excitement as I said "yes, please"...

I have no idea how many triangles there are.  Every other one was a white one and this stack of white ones is around 4 1/2 inches tall.   My first thought was "little bitty baby bunting quilt"  :)   I just love when others offer me their unwanted scraps.  I always end up with fabrics I would not have considered myself.  Thank you, De.

Boy 16 is keeping me busy.  He is doing so well with his training and his newest trainer said he is working very well with the harness too.  If he continues to pass all of his testing, he could possibly be matched with a blind person in the next few months.  The trainer also told me last week that Boy 16 will be with me for 1-2 more weeks and then will go to another home.  They don't want him to get too attached to me or anyone else. 

Friday is bin day here.  After he came home from work Friday afternoon, I went for a shower and this is what I came back to.  The bin had a fresh bag in it except for this one lot of teabags.  There were more in his bed too....*sigh*  He is super smart, but he is also still a puppy so I must remember to put the bins up as he cannot resist them.

This bin is in my sewing room.  I usually keep this door closed all the time because there are too many puppy temptations in there.  Today I forgot while I was visiting my neighbour across the street and this is what I came home to.   Naughty Boy 16!  This bin is mostly applique paper and fabric trimmings.

During the week, I used the orange oil and polished the whole baby bed.  (I have told the story about the bed  in my previous post).  The bed finished up with a beautiful shine and the whole room smelled divine too.  I like this product so much that I emailed the maker. (made on Gold Coast, QLD).

This is not the final doll arrangement.  Some need clothes, some need clothes washed, some need their hair brushed and dusted.  There are probably at least 10 more dolls around the house that need attention.  I've also been gifted a couple of old wooden ladders.  After I scrub them, they will hold some of my dolls, quilts, and doilies.  I am working on getting them all in one place so I can plan where to go from here.  There are at least 3 more porcelain dolls that I can think of and even more cloth dolls that will look cute on the ladders once I get them washed.   xx debbie


  1. Lovely scraps :) The bed has come up a treat! Puppies are fun :)

  2. Puppies will be puppies! Shame he has to move on but I can see the attachment issue could be disturbing to the dog(and you).
    Your dollies look so settled.

  3. Hi Deb ,boy its good to see you keeping so busy and that puppy is going to keep you on your toes,hope you had a lovely day my friend.xx

  4. Teddy and Coco do that to my little sewing room bin too.
    Your dolls are lovely.

  5. Bless him xxx Your cot and dolls look great - I can imagine that wonderful orange smell; beautiful. There'd be something seriously wrong if you'd said no to fabric LOL xxxx

  6. What are you going to do with the scraps?? Can't wait to see that! Boy 16 loves those bins doesn't he!! The cot has come up beautifully, I bet the room smelt wonderful!!

  7. I look forward to seeing what you make with those luscious scraps :-) Oh dear, puppy did make a bit of a mess, didn't he? Love your collection of dolls in that magnificent cot.


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