Tuesday, 5 August 2014

That Wet Dog Smell

Hi everyone,

I've done a bit of sewing, but Boy 15 is keeping me super busy!!  I am used to the elderly or unwell dogs that like to lie in the sun on the deck out back, or sleep most of the day. Boy 15 is only 14 months old and it is like having a 2 year old toddler again...

He is allowed to have a carrot...it will be gone in less than a minute, though.

Here he is in a rare quiet moment a few days ago.  Why isn't he in his bed?

Possibly because he is a bit of a hoarder.  The balls are dryer balls that I bought because they couldn't be popped like the other balls that lasted only a few seconds each. (I don't even have a dryer).  The biggest thing is the deer antler, the other is a nylabone.   Not much room left in his bed for him LOL.

Here he is today, complete with that "wet dog smell".  I took him out the back so he could have a run and I could water the tomatoes.  Turns out a running hose makes him CRAZY.  He is soaking wet from his head to the tip of his tail.

It's not a horrible smell, but it is definitely there and he is still wet an hour later.    Boy 15 did not pass his training to be a special dog for a blind person, so he will be adopted and his new family has been chosen.  He will be going to his new forever home on Friday.  They have 3 teenagers, which is great!  He needs at least 3 to entertain him and keep him busy.  He has good manners inside the home, but when he is outside, he is always getting into trouble.

I've mentioned a sweet young mum who contacted me via my Etsy shop for some custom orders.  She has a little girl turning 2 later this month.  She already bought a small quilt from me that was made from these fabrics that will be a birthday present to go with a doll bed from EBAY.  This week, I am working on a patchwork pillow to match, recovering the foam mattress for the doll bed she bought with fresh fabric, and making a sheet for same that is removable and washable.  The fabric on the bottom right is a cute print of tiny pineapples.
The new mattress cover is up to me.  She would like the sheet to be white with decorative purple stitching as was on the quilt.  I am considering this fabric either for the ruffle on the patchwork for the pillow shown above, or for the mattress cover, or for the sheet.  It is pretty, but a bit more sheer than normal patchwork fabric and I have plenty to use for any or all.  xx debbie


  1. I haven't seen as dog eat a carrot before...might try it with mine! I know that wet dog smell very well, ours loves standing in the rain! The dolls linen will be lovely!

  2. When I was younger, our family had labradors all the time and they all loved raw carrots!
    I know all about the wet dog smell, Teddy and Coco have it right now.

  3. There's no smell quite like wet dog smell!! The ribbon fabric would be perfect for a ruffle on a pillow - that little lot will keep you busy xxx


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