Friday, 16 November 2012

A Busy Day !/ FNSI time too!

Hi Everyone,
It's that time again, FNSI. Won't you join us? You can sign up here.

It's just after noon  and I am nearly ready for a nap.
I was woken at 4ish by the birds.  No chance of a sleep in where I live, for sure.
I've needed to do a shop for some necessities for some time now, so I showered early
and was out the door by 0730 so I would miss some of  the school traffic.
I found some good bargains today, mainly, batteries in multiple sizes : 9v, AAA, AA, all
on clearance nearly half price.  I found some beautiful mangoes too (they are in season now)And then there THEY were right in front of me......... Double Chocolate Raspberry Tim Tams.  Oh. my. goodness. I didn't know there
was such a thing... (not on special but came home with me anyway).
I  was lucky to find  specials on two of my favourite things....Doritos and green tea. YUM.
The docket says I saved $37 on special offers.  This makes me happy as my income is limited
these days and every little bit helps.
I bought a bag of potting mix so I can sort out some plants that need attention.
The tomatoes are doing well and I have even had enough to share with friends so that makes me happy too.
I came away with a fuel voucher for 15 cents off per litre too. I was pretty low on fuel and
it cost me $58 to fill up instead of the usual  $70 when I am that low. Happy!

I have several options for FNSI.  I have the cloth doll bed about 50% done. I also have a summer dress that is nearly done but needs a casing/ drawstring around the neck and a ruffle hem.
I have several stitcheries in various forms.
I've nearly finished the new curtain for my bathroom. It is hanging now but I won't be happy until
it has one more ruffle.
I need to make a start on De's Christmas dolly.  We have a tradition between us. Birthdays we make a bag, Christmas we make a dolly.  It's a lovely way to celebrate our friendship!
That's all for now and I hope you are having a good day too.

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